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Any Il de Re, France veterans out there?

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Berrie Thu 29-May-08 08:27:31

we are going for the first time in a couple of weeks with ds 4 and dd 2.

We are flying and are wondering whether to take cycle helmets.
Also, are there biting insects to think about?
How easy is it to get to a mainland supermarket without hiring a car?

Hope someone can help, thanks!

Berrie Thu 29-May-08 09:24:56

Holiday bump!

Berrie Thu 29-May-08 10:56:18

And again..

kookykid Thu 29-May-08 11:02:05

I think taking your own cycle helmets is a great idea if you've got the room. From what I remember there are very few cars, but there are go-kart type things which tear around the place.
I'd always take insect repellent anyway. We were in our own boat, so not sure not sure about getting to the mainland. Sorry, haven't been much help!

needahand Thu 29-May-08 11:08:45

I went ages ago and actually cycled there from mainland. The cycling wasn't to bad but you have to be careful on mainland as cars are driving quite fast. I think there were cycling lanes but there was glass on it and my tire burst which made the journey back quite bad.

I am sure there would be buses to take you to mainland.

Ile de re was lovely though I absolutely loved it.

Berrie Thu 29-May-08 12:03:36

Thanks very much!smile

Marina Thu 29-May-08 12:07:25

We've been to further down the coast (Ile d'Oleron, not quite so gorge but similar terrain). Definitely take insect repellent, all of the coastline is beautiful but on the marshy side, with plenty of mozzies about.
There must be a supermarket on the island, surely? Maybe get the bus if necessary, I think the toll for cars is terribly expensive...
Have a great time and don't drink too much Pineau wink

Berrie Thu 29-May-08 12:10:59

Thanks, there are supermarkets but they are very expensive apparently.

Marina Thu 29-May-08 12:12:41

Pricy shopping on the Ile? Oh, surely not wink
Take your point, we always start our holiday with a raid on Carrefour for groceries and market shopping thereafter

hatcam Thu 29-May-08 14:01:13

Lovely lovely place for a holiday, we had a great time. Took a taxi to get to La Rochelle as didn't hire a car, bit pricy but no prob. La Rochelle is nice place to visit anyway, so you don't have to do it just for the yawn yawn supermarket.

You can hire helmets no prob, but nicer to have your own non-stinky helmet. We cycled everywhere, cycle paths go everywhere and very few places where you have to cycle on the road. Lots of fab places for lunch but we also bought lots of food in the markets (seemed like there was at least one on the island every day) and had picnics.

Sigh. Wish I was going back instead of a week in Devon with the inlaws. Fancy a swop?

KashaSarrasin Thu 29-May-08 14:05:18

The Ile de Re is beautiful, hope you have a good time!

You can get a bus to La Rochelle quite cheaply, there is (or at least there was last time we were there, a few years ago) a food hall the Monoprix (I think it's Monoprix) in the centre of town which is probably your best bet for a supermarket.

And yes, take lots of insect repellent!!! wink

Berrie Thu 29-May-08 16:01:08

Thanks I'm really excited.
Sorry no swap for Devon...this is our first non West Country holiday since our honeymoon! grin

jicky Sun 01-Jun-08 19:35:03

We camped on Ile de Re last year and are probably going back this year.

We used the local supermarkets and don't remember thinking that they were very expensive.

Took our own bikes and helmets.

Also don't remember lots of insects. dh reacts really badly to insect bites and is usually covered in chemicals from head to foot, but that isn't my main memory of last year. We were very near the beach with a strong Atlantic wind so maybe that's why?

The cycle tracks are quite busy (with bikes) and lots run along side to main roads. Not really the quiet cycling I had imagined, but very easy. Probably quieter at this time of year.

coneflower Mon 02-Jun-08 15:30:34

We went in September, and are going again in just under 2 weeks! Taking your helmets is a good idea, although I'm sure you could hire them. There are cycle hire places all over, we hired from the campsite we were staying on. There was a supermarket where we were and a daily food market. We did use insect repellant, it wasn't really a problem. Have a great time.

babydriver Mon 21-Sep-09 23:09:50

Hi, just planning next year's holiday, and looking seriously at Ile de Re (Canvas, camping Interlude). Anyone been this year, in August? We'll be a group of 11 altogether with six children aged 2-7 and it sounds idyllic, but...

- is there anything at all to do if it rains?
- are the pools freezing or OK?
- what are the Canvas tent pitches like?

Sorry to ask what sound like pessimistic questions, but need to know to be forewarned!!

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