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Hotels/B&B in Cadiz region

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Berries Tue 18-Jan-05 22:37:13

OK, we have booked the villa in costa de la luz(chiclana) & have now booked the flights BUT times & prices were MUCH better if we fly out on the Fri rather than the Sat (when we get the villa). Can anyone recommend any nice hotel/B&B style things in the Cadiz region (anywhere from Seville to vejer really). Would quite like somewhere with a pool and restaurant, but small & friendly rather than big & brash.

Berries Wed 19-Jan-05 13:31:21


Berries Fri 21-Jan-05 13:02:29

It's very lonely here - surely someone must have been to Seville/Cadiz/Vejer/Costa de la Luz?

Fennel Fri 21-Jan-05 13:13:11

sorry Berries, have only stayed in self catering around there which isn't what you want.

but if anyone knows anywhere nice to stay around the Murcia/Almeria area I'd be interested - we're going there at Easter. self catering, villa, or hotel really.

zeebee Mon 24-Jan-05 09:42:38

Yes we stayed in a villa near Vejer last year. There are a couple of nice hotels in Vejer - one called something like Casa Cinco and another that is on the main square. I think I initially came across them on a web search. Don't have pools though. Didn't make it to Zahora de los Atunes but that's meant to be a lovely resort so may have some with a pool.

If you are flying to Malaga you could stop in Tarifa, a number of hotels there. Or look at at the reviews of hotels that you could approach direct or flick through some holiday brochures for ideas.


Berries Mon 24-Jan-05 09:53:03

Thanks for that. Will look at the details for the hotels in Vejer - quite like the idea of spending a bit of time there. We are flying to Seville rather than Malaga - flights were actually cheaper and it won't be such a rush to get to the airport on the day we leave (1.5 hrs drive rather than 3).

Will let you know where we end up.

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