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London underground question - urgent

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pupuce Tue 18-Jan-05 08:43:50

I am off to London today... I'll have to take the tube at least 3 times in zone 1 (none will be return journeys IYKWIM)... maybe bus too.... all in zone 1
Do I buy ticket after ticket or is there a zone 1 travel card does that make it cheaper... when I lived in London I knew all the prices so would have known.... but moved 8 years ago so have NO clue.

Leaving in 1 hour....

lou33 Tue 18-Jan-05 08:46:51

buy a travel card

Carameli Tue 18-Jan-05 08:51:53

I would buy a travel card. CHeck out this page:

Furball Tue 18-Jan-05 08:56:00

If you've still no reply from here. You can always ask at the station. At the big ones, there are special info people (in uniform)usually by the ticket machines.

pupuce Tue 18-Jan-05 09:10:05

The site isn't clear - what is off-peak? Would after 10AM be that ?
Does the travel card work for buses too or just tube?

pupuce Tue 18-Jan-05 09:11:31

and what is the price of a single in zone 1?

blossom2 Tue 18-Jan-05 09:20:50

zone 1 travel card will work on buses & tubes. its by far the cheaper option. i thought after 9.30am was the cheaper zone.

last time i went on the tube, its was £1.50 single!!!


pupuce Tue 18-Jan-05 09:21:27

Sorted... single is £1.70, travel card is £4.70 - off-peak is after 9h30
Had to download PDF file to know all of this but it's done.
Thank you

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