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Nomad vs littlelife travel cots

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mum2one Mon 17-Jan-05 10:30:45

Anyone any comments on either of these travel cots? Looking for something more comfortable for dd to use for as long as possible. Have got the GRaco thing which is good as a playpen but not very comfy for her and very heavy to take anywhere. The Nomad and twin arc cots look great but are both expensive so wondered if anyone could recommend either?

Chuffed Wed 19-Jan-05 15:48:50

We've got the nomad one and it is great. dd (now 9 months) used it at 4.5months and a couple of times since. She seems quite comfortable. The self inflating mattress is handy rolled up on the back of a backpack for a nap in the airport if needed as well. It is quite fiddly to put up if you just need it for say dinner at a friends house but great for holidays.

linsayevie Wed 19-Jan-05 17:21:00

Hello. We have the little life 0-6months cot, and really like it (evie is 4 months). We were given it by friends who have the 6months + one and absolutely love it. The 0-6months one is a real challenge to fold back into the bag, but the 6month+ one looks much easier in that department. Evie sleeps fine in it, and we just use a grobag as sheets and blankets can't be tucked in very securely. But most important for us, its v light and easy to take with us wherever, and when we use it, we just take it out the bag and it springs into shape! I think the bigger one takes a bit more assembly, but it looks great too. good luck!

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