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kids clothes in New York

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ThomCat Sat 15-Jan-05 22:17:56

Children weren't even a thought last time we went so apart from Old Navy I'm clueless.
Any shops you'd recommend for kids and sensibly priced, we don't do designer, just funky

august24 Sat 15-Jan-05 22:33:27

There are many places that we have here there in NY and because of the exchange rate plus the fact that just about everything is cheaper there, makes for very inexpensive clothing. For example, at H&M if a girls top is 6 pounds then it is usually $6, which is really a little more the 3 pounds iyswim. Gymboree is a place to go to(I think they have them here too?) but only to shop the sales, it is one of those places where things are overpriced only to go on sale 10 times! Target is a great store for just about anything, but they have a really cute line of Osh Kosh(which just doesn't have the same reputation in the USA that it does here) and other great clothes, but some stuff is quality and some stuff isn't so really check fabric content etc. For babies there is a shop called Carters(it usually is in outlet malls) Bloomingdales usually has good kids clothing, Stride Rite is for shoes, Old Navy still can't be beat(got a bunch of things for my girls there in November and each item was $.99!) Gap is really much more resonable there too.

2boysmum Sat 15-Jan-05 22:41:00

We usually do a raid on Gap everytime we are in the US as the prices are less than 1/2 the UK and we know the clothes fit and are pretty tough.

expatkat Sun 16-Jan-05 14:04:52

Thomcat, try, for example, here a pretty good example of trendy downtown chic. If you're looking for non-designer funky, stick to neighborhoods like TriBeCa, Lower East Side, East Village, and NoLita. You'll find the more conventional stuff on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Midtown. I wish I could help you with specific shops, but for some reason I tend to shop for myself in NYC and not for my kids.

I think you'll find that even pricey shops will seem cheap, given the exchange rate.

Gem13 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:20:51

You could check out Keith Haring's Pop Shop in SoHo. I remember some lovely stuff for babies when I was last there but am not sure about children's. Good for presents though.

Pop Shop

expatkat Tue 18-Jan-05 00:53:20

7 pages of kids wear ideas for you here , thomcat

New York mag (where this list comes from) tends to be a good source for shopping info.

Brooklyn is v. trendy--will be worth a trip out there, especially Williamsburg. (Take the L train from the East Village.) But some of the Brooklyn shops have the same stuff you can find in Manhattan, so I'd say only go to Bklyn for the REALLY interestingly described shops.

hatmum Tue 18-Jan-05 10:13:11

Pop Shop is fab for clothes but do buy at least 1 size bigger - my titchy ds was too big for clothes I bought in his age range which was very disappointing (not like we can take them back in a hurry!). Same with Osh Kosh but buy loads as the price differential is great.

littlemissbossy Tue 18-Jan-05 10:20:39

I second Bloomingdales for kids clothes, have "normal" stuff not just designer labels and with the exchange rate at the moment you'll be able to buy at a really good price

beachyhead Tue 18-Jan-05 10:20:56

If you want to go cheap Mc Cheap, go to Conways on 34th st just past Macys between 7th and 8th. It is probably the equivalent of Primark, but you can get some reasonable stuff for dirt cheap prices......

Just remember 3T size is NOT for a 3 year old, it is more like a 2 year old. Just take lots of measurements of your children (in inches, the yanks don't do metric!!!!) and take a tape measure. That's the only sure fire way to get things to fit properly. Macys and Bloomies are good for kids clothes as well as Old Navy.....

Issymum Tue 18-Jan-05 10:38:23

ThomCat, when are you going to be in New York? I'll be there this Saturday filling in some time between a meeting on Friday in New York and Sunday evening in Phoenix.

ThomCat Tue 18-Jan-05 11:13:09

Thanks for the tip about tape measure etc, great idea.

Issymum we're there over last weekend in Jan, 28th (if that's a friday) until the Tuesady morning

Issymum Tue 18-Jan-05 18:10:38

That's the weekend after I'm there.

So it looks like I'll be in New York alone this Saturday. No DH, no DDs, no meetings, a swanky hotel with a Central Park view and just my Visa Card to keep me company. I can't think what to do .........

In fact I'll probably be bl**dy miserable because I'd far rather be at home with DH and the DDs, scraping porridge off the floor and fighting round Sainsburys. Really!

beachyhead Tue 18-Jan-05 18:17:20

get a manicure, a pedicure, go and see a film, do the boat trip round Manhattan, go and see this really wierd shop assistant in Bloomies who sells placemats on about the 7th floor and is called Rose - I swear she is 87 or more....., when I was there on my own, I walked through Central Park on Sunday morning at 8am up to about 72nd on the west side, then caught the bus downtown to Macy's to start my shop in earnest.... there were some good flea markets in about the 20's on the west side, maybe about 7th avenue, that were fun (I hesitate to call them antique fairs!!!!). Use a Metro card instead of tokens and you can buzz all over the place....

Brunch in Greenwich Village or the East Village - visit Pottery Barn and try to carry stuff home...

I'm quite jealous, so have fun.

Issymum Tue 18-Jan-05 18:25:20

Thanks Beachyhead. One thing I have booked to do ....I can't believe I'm admitting this get my teeth whitened by laser treatment. It's painless, fast and literally half the price of having it done by the same outfit in London. I'm fed up with having 'English teeth' when compared to the pearly whiteness of my US colleagues.

Your itinerary sounds great and Pottery Barn is a must.

beachyhead Tue 18-Jan-05 18:27:54

Oh fill me in on the whitening thing as that will be a must if and when I go back....have just found out I am pregnant and wonder if you could do it when you are..... anyway doubt they'll send me to NY when they know I'll be off on leave half way through the year. How did you find a reputable dentist over there?

ThomCat Wed 19-Jan-05 11:11:08

Expat - that was great, thanks.

Pottery Barn IS a must and high on my list.

Have fun Issymum and thanks everyone for your tips etc.

Issymum Sun 23-Jan-05 19:58:58

Just filling in some time while I'm snowed in here in New York!

Beachyhead: On teeth-whitening - no you can't have it done when you're pregnant. It's just about the only contra-indication. The procedure lasts about an hour and half, it's uncomfortable, but not painful and it really is effective. My teeth aren't exactly weird movie-star white but they are nice American white. I got the treatment at BriteSmile because my dentist is a franchisee for that procedure in the UK but he charges twice the price.

ThomCat Sun 23-Jan-05 22:28:39

This is the second time this has happened to us! Should be okay by Thursday night / Friday morning but remind me to newver go to New York Dec/Jan again. From now on it's a spring time thing only.

Isseymum, how is it, how are you?

Frizbe Sun 23-Jan-05 23:01:46

woth taking a trip out to the malls in New Jersey, as you pay sales tax in NYC and you don't in Jersey! save, save, save!

Issymum Wed 26-Jan-05 22:40:24

Thanks for asking Thomcat. New York was fabulous in the snow - beautiful, hushed, with kids sledding in Central Park - that's until my flight to Phoenix on Sunday and just about every other flight out of the place was cancelled.

But ........ I managed (or rather my boss did on my behalf) to blag a seat on the corporate jet! Way to go - an eight seat corporate jet that whisked us out of snowbound NY and on to sunny Phoenix. Touched down, stepped out of the plane, straight into a waiting limo and less than a minute later we're sweeping out of the tiny Arizona airfield. Very Donald Trump. I tried to be cool, but I was frankly impressed.

I'm at JFK right now, just transferring planes. It's cold and there's still snow on the ground, but everything looks as if it's functioning normally again.

Have a fantastic time!

ThomCat Wed 26-Jan-05 22:45:43

Glad it went well and you had fun / a good time.
Safe home mate.

ThomCat Wed 26-Jan-05 22:45:58

Glad it went well and you had fun / a good time.
Safe home mate.

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