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Bit of an odd Butlins question

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nutcracker Sat 15-Jan-05 20:30:49

My uncle and cousin are in a band which regularly play at Butlins and other camps.

The band is New Union Gap or may still be Union gap i forget, anyway, they play old stuff.

So does anyone know where bands of this type usually play there gigs whilst at butlins ???

I ask bevcause we were thinking of trying to go, coincidind with one of their gig dates as a surprise, but if they play in the clubs then the kids wouldn't be allowed in then would they.

Do bands usually play in the centre stage or the club rooms does anyone know ??

I have emailed Butlins to ask them, but haven't had a reply (probably think it's from some crazed fan ).

Haven't asked my cousin or uncle as we wanted it to be a surprise.

rickman Sat 15-Jan-05 20:54:50

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Sat 15-Jan-05 21:12:46

Thanks Rickman

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 21:18:40

there are some clubs that are over 18's tho. but most are family based.

nutcracker Sat 15-Jan-05 21:21:46

Good, there music is suitable for all ages so assume it will be in family allowed room.

Just don't want to book it, turn up and then find the kids aren't allowed in.

I may just have to ask my cousin, and refuse to tell him why i'm asking . They are at all 3 camps several times this year so they won't know which one i'll turn up at or when anyway.

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