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Luxury Hotel with self catering option

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winniewoo Sat 15-Jan-05 18:21:25

Going round in circles!! Help! Trying to book a short break in April...travelling from scotland and thinking about Sherwood Center Parcs or perhaps a cottage somewhere and now my brain is in overdrive thinking a luxury hotel might be the answer with self catering in the like the apartments at Ickworth Hotel ( which look lovely but too far to travel). So.. any ideas..yorkshire, derbyshire, shropshire..anywhere really or should I just go for CP? Decisions..decisions... two DS age 2 and 4. Need plenty of day trips round about. Really set my heart on Legoland but have been advised to wait another year with the boys. Grateful for any ideas or suggestions Thanks

PuffTheMagicDragon Sat 15-Jan-05 18:29:06

This sounds lovely because you can have a la carte meals delivered to your cottage and its v child friendly. Quite fancy it myself!

winniewoo Sat 15-Jan-05 21:23:36

Thanks Puff..does sound fantastic and very good biggest prob now is to get my DH to go on a bit of a busman's holiday as he is a farmer himself! Does read really well though and the meals..what a bonus! Will have a think..any other suggestions gratefully received..determined to book by tues.

PuffTheMagicDragon Sat 15-Jan-05 21:27:45

lol winnie, if I find anything that's less farm-like I'll post it .

binkie Sat 15-Jan-05 21:36:17

I remember reading about Combermere Abbey which has various posh self-catering cottages with large freezers they will stock with meals for you.

(The website here makes it look a bit too glitzy for me though - but you did say luxury ... and Shropshire)

winniewoo Sat 15-Jan-05 21:46:56

Thanks binkie..just had a look and the pictures look v posh! My boys are wild and although I said luxury I wouldn't like to replace any antiques!
Thanks anyway. This is great fun getting ideas!

winniewoo Sun 16-Jan-05 14:57:53

just a little bump!

Ameriscot2005 Sun 16-Jan-05 15:00:17

Have you considered Crieff Hydro? It has fab lodges, with full use of the hotel facilities.

muminaspin Sun 16-Jan-05 19:36:52

Legoland would be okay - sorry to throw a spanner in the works! My dd (now 3.5) has loved Legoland since she was 1! Now she's 3 there are heaps of things she can go on.... Also loads for 2 year old... Would DEFINATELY recommend - whatever the age! (I love it and I'm 40!)

winniewoo Sun 16-Jan-05 20:16:10

Crieff Hydro is fab..been last year..loved it but looking for a change of scene and thought we would venture south of the border. Thanks Legoland.. I would love to go but I reckon it's going to be a long haul in the to get there day to get back..thought next year when we have a week off..hmm.. saying that..anyone know of good Self catering accommodation nearby and I could just ponder would think I had nothing else to do!! DS is 2 tomorrow! Presents to wrap..biscuits to make.. and eat

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