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centre parcs elvedon Vs Longleat

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LG Sat 15-Jan-05 14:11:19

I am thinking of booking an easter break with either of the above. I have a four yr old and one year old. Has anyone been to both and think that one is superior to other? I would like to book a nice room/villa and do some easy cycling!

MistressMary Sat 15-Jan-05 14:16:05

will tell you when we have done Longleat in March.
Elveden was nice though, hear longleat is a good one too.

RTKangaMummy Sat 15-Jan-05 14:19:56

Have only been elvedon but frinds have told me logleat is very hilly and so kiddies cant ride theri bikes very well, friends were at end of train ride and took along time to get home etc

but itwas beautiful

elvedon is very centered nearly eveything in one area.

there are hills but you can get villas on flat area

we live closer to elvedon and so no sense to go anywhere else

but have to say we did prefer it before the fire.

Trifle Sat 15-Jan-05 14:20:25

Longleat is a bigger site but extremely hilly so not totally great if you have a pram or even cycling as, in some parts, you have to get off and walk as it is very steep. Having said that Longleat is more interesting than Elveden as it is more spread out and things are on different levels. Elveden is small and much more manageable and easily walkable without having to negotiate hills plus cycling very easy too.

MistressMary Sat 15-Jan-05 14:22:05

useful for us to know then too.
i can see achy legs coming into play.

morningpaper Sat 15-Jan-05 15:29:00

I've been to both (am v. boring) and both are good. Longleat IS hillier but good for thighs! To be honest for me the drive is the most important thing so I go to the one nearest me (Longleat) - they are v. similar.

redsky Sat 15-Jan-05 15:32:10

we really enjoyed both. Longleat was prettier but very difficult to get around in winter with a toddler.

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 15:32:25

Sorry-bit of a hijack, but is CenterParcs worth a visit? I've been tempted for a while (primarily by the idea of no cars and the water thingy-dd would love it.) But, worried that it might be a bit holiday camp-ish (no offence if thast's your thing!) and that the restaurants might be a bit themed and naff-sort of Harvester/Beefeater affairs that I would rather die than eat in!

morningpaper Sat 15-Jan-05 15:37:21

Moon: They aren't REALLY holiday camp-y but I think that the price means that you get a 'better class' of camper (god I'm going to get poo shoved through my letterbox for saying that). I always find that the children are really well behaved and most of it is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. There's no redcoats or anything or obligation to join in things.

Also the villas are REALLY great - especially the new executives which have saunas and jacuzzis if you are feeling VERY posh. Also the indoor open fires are nice. It's much posher than a holiday camp - and I went to a Dolphin camp in Dorset last year which appeared to have a lovely tinkling stream of toxic waste going through it, so I've been to a few...

The eateries ARE a bit naff but generally the food is good and fresh - I'd REALLY recommend the Grand Cafe at Longleat for the BEST breakfast I've had for a long time!

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 15:43:12

Well thanks for that morningpaper!!
Yes,was a BIT worried about being surrounded by tattooed blokes with beerguts and fags clamped between their fingers and women with no teeth screaming 'Jasmine!!!! F*ing gerrover 'ERE!!!'
(Now I will DEFINITELY have poo pushed through my latter box!)
Hey, not that I'm too fussy, but sometimes you just want things to be...nice, if you know what I mean. The 'no litter' thing appeals to me.

Can you cook your own food? Do they have supermarkets on site selling good food (ie not just ready prepared stuff and basics) or can you take your own stuff in?

RTKangaMummy Sat 15-Jan-05 15:44:19

moondog if you know what you are going to then it is deffo brill

it depends what you want

it is not like butlins if that is what you mean
{IMHO anyway}

it is not 5 star luxury but if you already know that then brill.

DS loves it in pool and wild water rapids and the cycling

If you know someone that is going why not go for the day

If they are select customers then you can visit for free or if not then for about £10 each.

Then you can see everything befroe paying for weekend.

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 15:46:03

I know they don't let you in on spec, as my parents tried that and were refused.
I've studied the brochures at length and it DOES all look very nice, I have to say.

redsky Sat 15-Jan-05 15:48:12

hi moondog. Yeeees I know what you mean about the eateries. Dh was very unimpressed. {I'll eat anything!!].

RTKangaMummy Sat 15-Jan-05 15:49:56

no, you need to have your friends book day passes for you

that is what we do for friends

we go for a week and so friends come to visit for day so we can share it with them

we have to give their car reg details and names etc. but as it is free good idea.

morningpaper Sat 15-Jan-05 15:56:00

Moondog: They have supermarkets there and they are ok (better than your corner shop) but we always take our own food. When you get there you can park outside the villa and then unload all your boxes into your villa and then drive your car to the carpark.

It's not luxury but it's probably the best you can get with kids (in terms of a 'holiday park')!

I saw no beer-bellys or tatooed ladies.

The spas are v. nice by the way.

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 15:58:51

Well,reckon we'll give it a whirl sometime!
(Get me! Never satisfied. You wouldn't think we were off to Dubai for a week on Monday would you? )

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