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So excited - have just booked the 'New Style Executive Lodge' at Elveden Centre Parc!! Has anyone been in one or can give me any tips?

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MummyJules Wed 14-May-08 22:32:26

Subject says it all really!

MascaraOHara Wed 14-May-08 22:34:24

no, was thinking about it.. let us know how you get on!

MummyJules Wed 14-May-08 22:38:45

Will do Mascara! So excited...., although I am having to do this with my parents so i'm hoping for lots of space!

MascaraOHara Wed 14-May-08 22:41:27

yes was going to go with my parents.

they do look nice. I've been since they were built and they are worlds apart from the outside. Hopefully inside is as nice. Are they the ones where you get your own parking as well?

onepieceoflollipop Wed 14-May-08 22:42:05

I'm going to bed in a minute but I had to click on this. When are you going - we are going again early June!!

(but Comfort villa only).

We were in one of the posher ones in November - not sure if it was Executive or Exclusive, I get them mixed up. It had 2 ensuite bathrooms, one with a massive jacuzzi. Dishwasher, maid service, flat screen tvs in both bedrooms. Main bedroom bigger than our room at home, loads of room for dd2's cot.

Have been to Elvden once and Sherwood 3 times. What tips did you want?

tiredemma Wed 14-May-08 22:42:24

we went into have a look at the new ones at sherwood, they do look very nice.

I love CP

onepieceoflollipop Wed 14-May-08 22:42:36

Elveden I meant.

MummyJules Thu 15-May-08 20:50:37

Hi - thanks for replying!

Any tips for a virgin centre parcs mummy!

I'm just looking at the activites - there is so many. Is there any that you would suggest? plus any other tips would be fantasitc.

I'm going 16th June - how about you?

onepieceoflollipop Thu 15-May-08 21:41:57

Oh we are going on the 2nd. Would have been fun to meet another mnetter for a quick coffee had it been the same week!

I have just replied on another thread that (I think) might belong to you!

Another tip - we found the ParcMarket (shop to you and me) very reasonable in price and well stocked. Plenty of fruit unlike some shops at places we have been before. So unless you are on a really tight budget don't worry about taking loads of groceries etc with you.

dd1 loves the tiny little children's trolleys - we go to the shop about 4 times a day when we are at C Parcs.

Take a torch and a bag that you can wear on your back if you are taking/hiring a bike - it gets very dark at night, not many bright lights on the little roads around the complex.

MummyJules Fri 16-May-08 09:50:34

Oh yes it would of been - what a shame!

Would be fab if you could come back and tell me about it. Have you picked any of the children's activities? They're is so much choice!

J xx

onepieceoflollipop Fri 16-May-08 10:12:48

Dd1 is going on the children's pony ride - she was desperate to go last time but wasn't quite 4. She is also booked in to the bedtime bonanza - her choice!

I prefer to book a specific treatment or 2 rather than the whole spa experience. So dh and I take it in turns to look after the girls while we do that.

dd2 is having a 3 hours session at bumblebees, her older sister is so excited for her to be going and "playing with the other babies" - we are taking dd1 out for a grown up meal while the baby is busy.

The teddy bears' picnic was very good last time.

Will try and remember to pop back here and tell you about our experiences!

MummyJules Sun 18-May-08 20:09:47

Fantastic. Hope you have a lovely time x

debbiewebweb Mon 19-May-08 13:17:58

We stayed in the new style executive 4 bed in elvedon a few weeks ago and it was absolutely fab villa. Coz it was 4 bed it had an additional games room with pool table and playstation 3 and loads of board games, it was fab. Went to celebrate a family birthday so we didn't actually have to pay which was great as they are v expensive but really lovely. If you want to ask any specific questons fire away and I'll try to answer them.

MummyJules Mon 19-May-08 21:47:40

Thanks Debbie.
Here goes:

1. What was the outside bit like? Did it have a good patio area and somewhere for the kids to run around and put our bikes?

2. Is there things that you brought with you that was worthwhile and anything you wished you had taken?

3. Did you do any of the activities/go to any of the restaurants, what did you think of them?

4. How far away were your neighbours and your lodge from the activities?

Can't think of anything else - but any information/general views would be fantastic!

Thank you so much!

debbiewebweb Tue 20-May-08 20:40:04

Hiya mummyjules, is it a 2, 3 or 4 bed?

1. The villa's tend to have long 'front gardens' but aren't really big enough to be of much use, but there is a bike rack outside each villa, so we keep them locked up there. The backs have a nice patio area where you'll have ducks, rabbits and even deer come to visit you, but its not particularly big and not enclosed. So how good it is for you depends on how old your kids are I guess - we had a little game of catch, but mainly just watched out for the wildlife.

2. Definately bikes are a must, so are clothes for all season as with every british holiday, we've to cp quite a few times and now tend to just take jeans / joggers / trainers etc as we don't do big nights out. The villa's are pretty well equipped but we tend to take a couple of colouring books / magazines for the kids to play in the villa. When dd1 was small we used to take a blackout lining to hangover the curtains hmm

3. I don't think the activities for the very small are really worth the effort - they tend to be things you can do down the local toddler group. But now they are a little older we like to do bowling - early its cheaper and quieter, dd1 goes for a pony ride, dh has some dh time out on his bike, we all do lots of swimming and cycling and enjoying a drink outside while the kids use the outdoor play areas.

4. Unless you are in the exclusive your lodge will be attached to others - like a short terrace - but they are all staggered so your front door area and patio area are private.

If you let me know the ages of who's going with you I'll try to make some more suggestions and if you have any further questions let me know. Am jealous, we love centre parcs - mainly coz its really child friendly, with lots of choices/activities and you can do as much or as little as you want grin

lulurose Tue 20-May-08 20:47:44


Just poking my nose in here, but we're going to Elvedon on the 16th June too.

I've booked a few activities, can you hire bikes when you get there or do you have to pre book?


SniffyHock Tue 20-May-08 20:47:45

Just got back from Longleat where we stayed in one of the new style and it was fab. Much more luxurious than the old executive ones. The games room was a bonus as we threw all of the children's things in there each night.

Activities really depend on the age of your children - mine are 20m and 4 and all they wanted was the pool, bike riding and the play areas. The only thing we paid for was a pedalo on the lake.

You'll love Elveden as it's flat - I wouldn't do Longleat again for a while as DS really couldn't do the hills without a push.

Don't need to get the welcome grocery pack but use it as a guideline for what you will need. We had an Indian meal delivered one night which was really good. The restaurants are all okay but don't expect to be blown away - they are brilliant because if your child has a meltdown the only looks you'll get will be sympathetic!

have a brilliant time smile

SniffyHock Tue 20-May-08 20:49:48

You can hire bikes when you get there but the queue is horrendous (as we found out!). Pre-book if you can.
Also, our friends got their early, got car parked near the gates, went for lunch, then they opened the gates at 2:45 and they drove staight in. We arrived at 3pm and had a fairly long wait.

SniffyHock Tue 20-May-08 20:50:21


lulurose Tue 20-May-08 20:51:34

Oh really, thanks for that...will aim to get there a bit early....I have 2 dds, 3 and 2, what do you think will be the best bike option?

SniffyHock Tue 20-May-08 20:55:14

probably a pull behind you thingy! (someone will know the correct name blush Elvedon is quite flat so it won't be too much like hard work. Or, can your 3yr old ride her own bike? DS is 4 in July and loved it. Then your 2 yr old could go in a seat on your bike.

debbiewebweb Tue 20-May-08 21:44:56

lulorose - They could both go in a trailer, elvedon is really flat so easy to pull along.

sniffyhock - the new 4 bedders are fab aren't they - I was amazed at the number of good board games in the games room.

SniffyHock Tue 20-May-08 23:39:24

I know, the cynic in me wondered how long they would last.

DS loved the fact that his bath had bubbles and a special light in it!

onceinalifetime Wed 21-May-08 00:00:17

If you're unsure on any activities, just book them, you can cancel and get a full refund when you get there. Trying to book activities at short notice or on arrival is almost impossible, especially for anything spa related.

The farm shop at Elveden Estate next to CP is brilliant - much better than the Parc Market, especially for things like meat, bread and vegetables. Expensive but really good quality and all grown on the Estate.

Not sure about the CP restaurants - I believe they have improved as they're all branded restaurants now but when they were CP's own, they were dreadful.

Good luck - you should have a great time. Cycling around the park in the mornings is a lovely start to the day.

Madmother73 Sun 01-May-16 11:41:17

We are off to Centre Parcs in new style 2 bed executive in pine at Longleat. What appliances does kitchen have etc as we have never been before. Many thanks in advance

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