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Is it safe to walk streets in new york?

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miggy Thu 13-Jan-05 23:09:30

DH and I are having 4 days in new york at end of feb (no kids!!!). Have booked fab looking hotel thanks to recomendations on here and have got useful info for shops/eating etc. Have never been, DH has but on business and he just eats and works (so he tells me anyway!) so no use for info. How safe is it to walk around day and night?
Dh gave me a nice book for xmas called "city secrets new york" it has nice walks to sight see and romantic (hum) evening strolls from suggested restaurants. Is it like london-safer/worse is it ok to have a handbag (god you will think Im paranoid now) thanks

miggy Thu 13-Jan-05 23:10:41

Sorry re reading title sounds like Im going there to earn money

spacedonkey Thu 13-Jan-05 23:11:02

I felt pretty safe when I was there last year. Like any city, read up on it beforehand and avoid the dodgy bits!

And have a wonderful time, I think it's a very romantic place

Frizbe Thu 13-Jan-05 23:11:05

New York is safe, just avoid walking in the none touristy area north of 42nd street, they have nice Zero Tolerance policing, so generally no probs, however don't forget your gel cushions, as its a fab city and you can walk to far on the 1st day, forgetting the blisters you will have to contend with for the other 3!!

ChicPea Thu 13-Jan-05 23:12:43

Miggy, if you plan to go to the theatre in NY and you like Sesame Street, Avenue Q is a take off. It's fab. The Producers is also on at the moment over there. Have a wonderful time.

mishi1977 Thu 13-Jan-05 23:13:01

dh and i went to new york 2 yrs ago pre ds...we walked everywhere of an evening it was quicker to walk than get a cab....I felt really safe and wasnt too bad at all even in the quieter side streets the main streets you dont have anything to worry about as there were a lot of police around

ChicPea Thu 13-Jan-05 23:15:37

Actually, I have always felt safter in NY than I ever do in London.

ThomCat Thu 13-Jan-05 23:17:15

I feel perfectly safe there. Well as much as I do anywhere but then I live in London. I'm going for 4 days at the end of January. Just use your common sense and it's fine.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 13-Jan-05 23:19:53

Me and dh went for a week a couple of years ago. Walked pretty much everywhere, had a fabulous time. I always find the "Rough Guide" series of guide books good for city breaks. They point out clearly areas that you might need to be a bit careful in, as well as great suggestions for places to go.

Not sure if this is your thing, but we had a brilliant night at a place called Arlene's Grocery. Can't remember exactly where it is, but I'm sure its in the phone book. Anyway, some nights they do a karaoke evening in the cellar downstairs - we were the only tourists in there and it was a great night.

Moomin Thu 13-Jan-05 23:28:44

saw crime stats recently and you're much more likely to get mugged on the streets of london than in ny since the zero tolerance policy

tentunturq Thu 13-Jan-05 23:32:44

I'm living just outside NY at the moment and feel a thousand times safer there than London. (Manhattan anyway) Even the subway is much cleaner and less threatening than the tube. I wouldn't go far into Central Park at night though.

miggy Thu 13-Jan-05 23:35:16

Thanks very much all-can start planning now.
Chic pea-thanks AvenueQ looks great, have just bought 2 tickets, dh has bday just before we go so ideal pressie. Thanks

expatkat Thu 13-Jan-05 23:48:48

Safer than London. VERY safe & such a good walking city, too. Subway safe, too. I think NY was somewhat "unsafe" in the 70s and 80s, marring the city's reputation for a long time after. But it's a different place now; some would even say it's lost some of its edge as it become safer. So don't let fear keep you from walking about, because walking is really the best way to get a sense of things there.

Frizbe, I don't know what you mean about north of 42nd street. It's totally, totally, totally fine there, too--no dif from the anywhere else. The places that aren't OK (and I'm not sure there are many these days what with real estate being so bl**dy expensive) probably wouldn't be on many holiday-makers' to-do lists, anyway, so I think it's a non issue.

Have a great trip!

ChicPea Thu 13-Jan-05 23:55:31

Miggy, couldn't stop humming after the show and the day after "It sucks to be me". You'll understand when you see it!

KateandtheGirls Fri 14-Jan-05 01:14:15

Agree with everyone else.

When I first went to New York at age 18 in 1990 everyone in the UK was a little uneasy because it had such a bad reputation. But really it's absolutely fine, and safer now then it was back then.

Anywhere in Manhattan, south of say 100th street is OK. (I also don't understand the north of 42nd street comment.) If you go to any other boroughs you probably would be going to a specific destination anyway.

New York is such a great walking city that it would be a shame not to. It's great because there are so many different neighborhoods and you can be walking around, cross the street, and all of a sudden you're in a completely different neighbourhood.

Be warned though that at the end of February the weather is unpredictable. It can be beautiful but it can be absolutely freezing.

MeerkatsUnite Fri 14-Jan-05 07:52:43

I would concur with the others; NY is fine to walk around in of a day but would avoid walking in Central Park at night.

Be aware of your own surroundings (ask the staff at the Hotel reception if you are not sure about a particular area you would like to visit at night) and take the same precautions as you would do in your part of the world.

For instance acting confident (you know where you are going and how to get there), not carrying large amounts of cash along with passport (that should go in the safety deposit box along with your return ticket) and not wearing loads of expensive jewellery are all common sense precautions.

Frizbe Fri 14-Jan-05 14:45:03

Hi guys the north of 42nd street comment, actually referes to the area to the left of the port authority bus station, as its still a bit ghettoy, according to a few of my mates who have lived there, who advised me to avoid this bit later at night! hope that clears it up!

miggy Fri 14-Jan-05 14:50:06

Thanks for all new messages,will take note
Kate-not too worried about the weather as planning to spend at least 90% of daylight hours in shops

pabla Fri 14-Jan-05 15:00:53

Was there at end of Nov and it felt very safe - used to stay with friends on edge of Harlem on previous trips and even though a bitof a dodgy area, didn't bother me too much (maybe I was younger and more carefree then!)

serenity Fri 14-Jan-05 15:09:55

MUm and Stepdad went there just before christmas. They were a bit apprehensive before they went, but came back raving about it and are already planning another (longer!) trip. They walked everywhere too, and travelled by bus and subway and said it was great, everyone was really friendly and helpful. Their only problem was that it hit -12 one of they days they were there and they weren't prepared for it at all!

Have a great time.

Slinky Fri 14-Jan-05 16:30:51

Apparently (I read it somewhere fairly recently -can't remember where though!) that New York is far more safer than London. It was saying that since the 1980s/1990s and implementing "Zero Tolerance" the crime rate has reduced dramatically.

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