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The Great British Travelling Public are such child hating wankerish gits and if I could slaughter them wholesale without incurring a penal sentence, I surely would

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handlemecarefully Tue 13-May-08 23:30:30

I don't know if anyone else experiences this - I am talking about hostile attitudes towards children, and their parents when travelling. I never encounter this more acutely than when I am on a plane with the kids or a train.

Just got back from a trip to Paris on Eurostar. Travelled in first class and had misfortune to be adjacent to late middle aged couple on outward journey. Oh how they heaved, sighed and tutted and exchanged highly significant glances in passive aggressive way when one of the lo's so much as muttered anything. I have to say my 4 and 5 year old were pretty good but they had the occasional grumble during a long boring and confining journey as young children are inclined to do.

When ds momentarily (all of 30 seconds) shrieked his disapproval about something (he was upset with the food provided, lol) there was a loud 'shush' from someway amongst the wankerish fellow passengers. So I might have let rip with a rant (just possibly grin -certainly dh told me to calm down)

Same thing on return journey in 1st class with Eurostar. This time next to 30 something Essex couple (snob alert - elocution like Jade Goody btw) who were obviously (i) childless and (ii) full of own self importance being owners of car clamping business - thats a guess btw (lots of stroppy mobile calls to recalcitrant employees telling them they were not good 'enuff'). 30 something woman looked like she was sucking lemons most of the time - I think my playing hangman with dd was a gross imposition (although she probably wouldn't know what that meant)

Strangely the travellers on London Underground were the nicest and most ammeanable (smiling at the children etc)

Does anybody else experience this when travelling?

Underconstruction Mon 19-May-08 14:30:43

I second Littlelapin on the Far East... the only problem is having to slow down so often for your children to be adored. Took DDs on Eurostar and had a middle-aged stoney-faced woman next to us on the hot and delayed journey home. There were plenty of single seats for an unburdened single person to move to but of course she just scowled at us every time DD1 so much as moved. After lots of whispered directions to keep still, behave etc I had an epiphany and just whispered to her not to do it because the lady that doesn't like children doesn't like it... I then sat back and enjoyed 3-year-old DD asking me intermittently for the rest of the trip in the only voice my Dad can hear without a hearing aid "where's the lady-who-doesn't-like-children?", "why doesn't she like children?" etc. She didn't offer to help with our bags when we reached London.

MrShev Wed 21-May-08 12:17:53

I have just had a similar experience coming back from Bordeaux.

After getting priority boarding (along with around 8 other couples) - because we had a small child and my wife is pregnant - we were seated at the front of the plane. As some of us were folding up buggies and generally sorting ourselves out the vanguard of the other passengers literally barged past us and started boarding the plane. We still managed to get on on row 5 or something and we sat down (on a 1/2 full plane I might add) and our son (22mths), who is not a good traveller, was an ANGEL.

We were prepared (we had snacks, colouring books, story books and puzzles), we had a spare seat (joy) and a short flight with no delays. All around us were babies and toddlers in various states of distress but our son, apart from talking and colouring was perfect. He didn't chuck anything, scream or cry.

The couple in front glared at us the entire journey and tutted and huffed. Our son may have occasionally pushed the seat in front but never willfully or hard.

As we were leaving, my wife asked them what the problem was and they said that our son was the most badly behaved child they had ever encountered. My wife, bless her, is a bit of a fiery one even 8mths pregnant and responded:

'So, you don't have children then?'
'We do and they were very well behaved when they were your sons age'
'Did they have planes then?'says my wife.
'How dare you!'
'You're just a couple of f***g child hating w**ers aren't you?'

Thing is, it kind of decended into a bit of a swear fest which I didn't really want my son to be part of, but my wife is dead posh but she does go off when she does.

I just rise above it, but I hate the fact that people hate children.

Sorry about the long post - rant over!

sunnydelight Thu 22-May-08 09:12:41

I have a few child hating horror stories, but often people surprise you. I was in first class on a train with DS1 when he projectile vomited all over the place. Luckily first class wasn't very busy so we had four seats to ourselves, but I was expecting much tutting and general horror from the man across the isle in the expensive suit. Instead he got up, moved my bag away from the mess, found me tissues, went to the loo for more paper towels, sympathised etc. He didn't even move seats afterwards to get away from the smell, bless him!

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