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kalex Thu 13-Jan-05 18:22:43

Hoping to go for three nights with DP. Budget 500 for travel and accom, any fab hotels.

And what should we not miss!!

kalex Thu 13-Jan-05 18:23:00

Going end of Feb

LapsedGymJunkie Thu 13-Jan-05 18:35:37

Sorry can't help not going until December for the markets and the opera. Going with my Mum and my Sister, can't wait.

LapsedGymJunkie Thu 13-Jan-05 18:36:49

I do know that you can get some very good imitation amber jewellery if you hunt around a bit.

miam Thu 13-Jan-05 18:42:48

You will have a lovely time. We stayed at the Blue Key hotel - it is very central and quaint (also not very pricey - always a bonus). Mind you, the lady serving breakfast is a bit scary.... There is a lot to see, it would be worthwhile getting a map and tourist info. Most of the attractions are very central though, so you can walk most places. Although the travel system is fabulous - hundreds of trams and a good subway system. The Charles Bridge is lovely - beautiful at night, and there a few squares worth visiting - one with an old clock with the apostles travelling past a window... There is a huge cathedral, and the changing of the guards is good also. Our friends travelled by train to the nearby town of Karlstejn and visited a castle there. They said it was gorgeous and cost only 50p to get there! By the way, the beer is very cheap, but very very strong - you have been warned! Have a lovely time. x

Roobie Thu 13-Jan-05 18:56:35

We went a couple of years ago and stayed at the Ibis Hotel. I would definitely stay there again as it was reasonably priced, clean, modern (I don't think it has been built long) and well located (you could walk into town if you fancied or get the tram). There was a fantastic vegetarian restaurant nearby that we only found on our last night (didn't realise it was so near to our hotel!) despite it having been recommended to us by friends before we left.

fisil Thu 13-Jan-05 19:06:23

I love Prague - been twice (once in 1990, that was interesting!). Yes to Charles Bridge, the old town, the castle, the modern art museum. Get a video of Amadeus before you go so that you can spot all the gorgeous locations. We just wandered most days - it is just so unrelentingly pure and medieval and gorgeous!

egypt Thu 13-Jan-05 22:07:14

mmmmmmm, just came back on monday. gooooorgeous. charles bridge, the castle, old town square with the astronomical clock, lot of restaurants and shops and go for lunch at the globe beer and wine and gorgeous food. get the lonely planet guide.

dont go to u patrona ok, cheapest wine - £30. and no one in there but us!

kalex Sun 16-Jan-05 19:17:17

A Blatant bump.

Thanks everybody for info. DP is checking out. Esp thanks for the place not to go!!!

Anybody else?

lyndap Tue 18-Jan-05 18:10:14

U Flecku.
Mad bavarian type beer cellar. Amazingly strong and tasty beer plus real oompa bands!

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