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Tinker Mon 30-Dec-02 01:28:06

Hoping to go to Venice at half term. However, have discovered that the Carnival starts on the day we were planning to leave. Is it worth paying more for flights/hotels etc for this or will we enjoy ourselves anyway?


ScummyMummy Mon 30-Dec-02 12:13:52

Wow- that sounds v exciting, Tinker. Sounds like you're having a love affair with Italy recently! I've never been to the carnival in Venice so don't know if it's worth the extra dosh but I certainly think you'll find plenty to do if you decide to blow it out. Just walking around in awed wonder (if dd will allow this!) will take up most of the week, if my memories of Vence don't play me false. I'm jealous!

Rosy Mon 30-Dec-02 22:02:10

Tinker - don't know anything about the Carnival, but we went to Venice for our honeymoon (in November, I think it's definitely better off season, having also been there in July). So I can tell you that you'd find plenty to do for a week with or without the carnival. So many tourists don't venture any further than St Mark's Square, but there's so much to explore, both on the island and in places like Murano, where they make glass, and Padua (think that's right, don't have a map to hand) for day trips. I also found the people very friendly, and the restaurants good & cheap. Have a great time!

kkgirl Mon 30-Dec-02 22:03:26

AH. Venice is a place I have always wanted to visit, I would love to go there.
Maybe one day

Tinker Tue 31-Dec-02 12:34:47

Thanks everyone. Have decided to blow the carnival out - started getting too complicated to organise and the flight prices started to go up so, knowing me, would end up missing the whole trip through dithering.

So Venice for 3 days in Feb - should be fab!

Caroline5 Tue 31-Dec-02 16:09:00

Went to Venice as a student and stayed in the YHA in mid-August. Suffice it to say that the mosquitoes and general odour, combined with sky high prices really put me off!! However, I'm sure that at a quieter time and with perhaps a little bit more dosh, it would be great! I would definitely avoid anything involving crowds, as I seem to remember it was fairly cramped (apart from St Mark's Square...)

CAM Thu 02-Jan-03 15:52:51

Went to Venice a few years ago in March, cold but lovely and uncrowded. As Scummymummy says, just seeing Venice for the first time is enough to thrill you but go to St Marks Square just before dusk and feel the magic.

bells2 Mon 06-Jan-03 16:44:25

Hi Tinker. We actually stayed in a one bedroom apartment (with two fantastic sofa's in the living room which our kids slept on). I would certainly recommend you stay somewhere not too close to St Marks / The Rialto etc as it is SO crowded and the whole place is just so beautiful that you don't need to be in the touristy bit. Our flat was £400 a week and was situated around a 30 min walk from St Mark's but just metres from a vaporetto stop which went to the Lido, Rialto, Murano and St Mark's. It also had a range of delish neighbourhood food shops nearby which meant we only ate out once (a blessing as the food in Venice is often expensive and not very good).

We went to the Lido one afternoon. It is a quick trip and the boats are frequent. However, it is pretty much deserted at this time of year with a lot if not most hotels and shops closed. It was also a lot colder than Venice itself. Have you looked on as they seem to have some reasonable deals on 3 star hotels?. I would try and avoid the Train Station area to stay in but don't be afraid to go for somewhere in a more out of the way part of the city. There are no crowds at all except in the main areas.

As for eating, as with hotels the further away from St Marks the better and don't go with high expectations.

I can't tell you what a wonderful time we had. We went slightly mad and ended up standing on the deck of a water taxi down the Grand Canal at midnight on New Year's Eve (with baby daughter snuggling up to me and looking dreamily at the scenery and toddler son screaming manically that we had to close the doors and come inside NOW) and the next day also went on a gondola (which at £50 cost considerably more than our outward flights!!).

And be prepared for Treviso airport offering very little in the way of shops/ food etc but it is only 25 kilometres from Venice so is a painless and quick bus trip. When you get off the Ryanair bus, make sure you look for the Vaporetto signs and don't be misled by the gentlemen ushering you to the "Water Bus" which is a private thing charging around EUR10 a head rather than EUR2.

I really hope you enjoy it.

ks Mon 06-Jan-03 17:05:38

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 06-Jan-03 17:06:17

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 06-Jan-03 18:44:56

bells - thanks for all the info Am actaully flying easyjet this tiem which means flying into Marco Polo. I know there is a boat from there to Lido. I was wondering if that might be a bit isolated, but the hotels do look extremely grand and the prices seem cheaper than the mainland. Will have to do a bit more searching.

ks - thanks for the reassurance about the Carnival. Have also heard that it gets extremely crowded and may even be a little scary for a 5 year old.

Can't wait now!!!!

ks Mon 06-Jan-03 18:58:45

Message withdrawn

clary Tue 07-Jan-03 17:16:55

We went to Venice in January and it was lovely, quite quiet and not smelly as I imagine it must be in summer. Also eating out not prohibitively expensive as I had been told. well worth getting a pass for the water bus, makes nipping off to Murano/Torcello v good (ie free) and travel about nice and easy. Have a lovely time.

Tinker Sat 22-Feb-03 17:49:35

Got back last night and am having the usual 'why oh why do I have to come back?' syndrome!!! Stayed fairly near to St Marks Sq in the end but hotel was really good value. Eating out, oth, was a bit of a rip-off, mostly. Managed to find a great good value place on the last night, as usual! But I've had an excellent leg work-out, they're still aching! Daughter is currently dressing up a toy dog with scarves and bangles to look like a Venetian lap dog. Wish we could have stayed for one night of the Carnival though, flet sad to be leaving just as thing s were being set up. Ah well, I shall return.

ScummyMummy Sat 22-Feb-03 21:15:53

Glad you had a good time, Tinker.

janh Sat 22-Feb-03 21:57:48

Tinker, it sounds marvellous. Glad you and your daughter had such a good time! (You didn't succumb to buying one of those "barking" toy dogs then?)

Twink Sat 22-Feb-03 22:06:49

Ah, so that's why you've been so quiet this week ! Glad you had a good time

ps your team were bl**dy lucky while you were gone !

bossykate Sun 23-Feb-03 00:47:53

hey tinker! glad to hear that you and dd had such a good time, venice is *wonderful* isn't it?

Marina Sun 23-Feb-03 19:31:08

Nice to hear you both had such a lovely time, lucky things! Didn't know you supported CHARLTON as well Tinker

Tinker Sun 23-Feb-03 19:38:19

Ooo, thank you everyone. Boyfriend came as well this time (JanH - the one I was meeting after the Manchester meet-up ) which meant easier for me but daughter's nose was a bit put out of joint and she kept saying, in loud voice, that this was the 'horriblest holiday' she had ever been on! Not true.

Twink and Marina - you cheeky mares

janh Sun 23-Feb-03 19:48:46

Ooh, Tinker, I have been thinking it might be, whenever you have referred to him! (Didn't like to ask though...) That's wonderful, hope everything is going great!

(What football team?)

janh Sun 23-Feb-03 19:50:45

Which also reminds me (for some reason - was he from work or something???) to ask how your new job is going along?

WideWebWitch Mon 24-Feb-03 01:07:59

Oh Tinker, I'm glad you had a good time too. Please do tell us more about the boyfriend and the job! But mainly the boyfriend Is there a truly horrible holiday you can remind dd about so she realises there have been worse?!

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