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Entertaining a toddler on medium haul flight

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Waswondering Tue 11-Jan-05 18:41:02

Ok. Flight is either 6 or 7 hours (can't work out if there is a time difference!) with a stop for refueling. Two weeks on Friday. Don't know if DS will sleep (he's 16m). It covers his lunchtime sleep but I'm not convinced he'll settle easily!

Any tips for keeping him entertained? I was wondering about taking some playdoh in a wee food tub and letting him mess up the seat back tray with it - is this impractical? I will take stories etc.

First time we've been abroad - I'm sure it will be a doddle but would appreciate some guidance.

Waswondering Tue 11-Jan-05 18:41:15

Abroad with him, that is!!!!

Gem13 Tue 11-Jan-05 19:10:09

Wouldn't take Playdoh - all those little bits and then having to wash his hands before meals (or is it just me?)

I bought a lot of small stocking filler type presents (plastic spider, finger puppets, Bob the Builder toys) for DS and DD (27 and 9 months) and opened them every hour or so on a recent 9 hour flight to the US. That worked well but you would need to keep an eye on him as most are for over 3/over 5s. Favourite books are good and new ones too.

Where are you going?

oooggs Tue 11-Jan-05 19:34:27

Also snacks like raisins, grapes, Cherrios - all last for ages, books - love the Usborne touchy feely and small toys.

Be relaxed cos they can pick up if you are nervous. Remember - if he does 'kick off' you probably won't see the other passengers again!!

Waswondering Tue 11-Jan-05 22:09:36

We're going to Tenerife. I know it's a long flight - and no, I'm not mistaken!! It's because Aberdeen has such a piddly short runway that planes can't take off from there with a full tank of fuel - we have to stop in Spain for refuelling. It's direct on the way back. If you ever land at Aberdeen you'll know what I mean - there's a lot of G's!!!!

I'm hoping, maybe in vain, that it won't be a full flight and we'll get 3 seats between us. Hey ho.

All suggestions are gratefully received.

nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 22:12:05

is an etch a sketch any use? a lot of my friends have taken mini ones on the plane - you get them in woolies

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:17:57

Flown loads with every variation/combination of newborn/baby/toddler you can thin of, due to nature of dh's job.
Lots of little things a good idea.
Also the pockets, food tray and so on keep 'em amused for a bit. Remember the occasional walk up the aisle to bugger about in the bog (whether he needs to go or not.) Good for killing 15 mins.
Actually it was better than I thought. Kids didn't seem to resist once they sussed that they were trapped (sinister laugh). What I mean is,if one of us was blocking the escape route then they accepted it.

There should be a spare seat somewhere-it won't be 1/2 term will it?

Some people swear by a spoonful of Calpol to sedate them!

Did a very nasty 21/2 day journey (due to cancellations) last week with a 4 year old and a 6 mth old. Not too bad amazingly!!

If it's all too much, have a drink and think of the sunshine at the other end and all that room to run about in!

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:19:33

Yeah, they're great np!!
Another thought-bring stuuf but pretend the child CAN'T have it. The hours will fly as you play wrestle it from them!
You know how bloody contrary toddlers are!

SenoraPostrophe Tue 11-Jan-05 22:19:51

dd has a "flight bag" full of bits and bobs.

tip: don't get the bits and bobs out before takeoff as they all roll down the plane when dropped!

I suggest you either wake him up really early, or move his routine back in the days before the flight so that he can get a little sleep in the car before or after the flight. dd did sleep on a plane at this age, but she was a brilliant sleeper. Even she only slept for half her normal nap though and was really grumpy.

drawing is also good - a magic draweing board or a little pad and some pens are good.

nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 22:21:23

i must remember and contact you moondog before i go away - you are full of 'top tips'!

Waswondering Tue 11-Jan-05 22:23:28

Ok - so talk me through nappy changes. Oh just for the fun of it, he's in cloth!!! where do I do it - in the seat, at the loo? Is there a place the air hotesses allow?

Only flown with him once before and that was a 20 min hop to NI which didn't count.

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:27:18

No probs. I do cloth! One cubicle will have a fold down thing over the toilet itself. (Funny isn't it, one is completely oblivious to thius stuff pre baby!!)
If toilets are full and you are desperate then you will have to do it at the seat. I have one of those little fold over plastic changing mats into which you can put a nappy or two and some Wetwipes. One of my best buys.Indespensable when on the move. Kid stays clean and you don't mess up seats.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 11-Jan-05 22:28:08

most aeroplanes have a fold down table in one of the loos. It may be a bit small for your ds, but I guarantee he'll be that fascinated by the weird table in the little room it won't matter.

Last time we flew there wasn't one of those, but the hostesses put a bag over a seat at the back of the plane.

My 2 have terries too - it's no problem but remember to take lots of empty carrier bags!

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:29:56

Np-can you tell that I have nothing better to do at this moment in my life?!

WW, I use a disposable when travelling.Let's face it-it's tough enough without carting soiled nappies about. Have a supply of Moltex which are as ecologically sound as disposables can be.

nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 22:32:26

sigh - you are such a jetsetter moondog

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:38:21

Oh yeah, right np!!!
Highlight of today was saying hello to my neighbour and walking to the supermarket for a loaf of bread.
Going on a plane to/from home is my ONLY outing these days!
I would murder for the chanced to buy as paper/drive a car/speak to sxomeone in my own language/have a cheese and picalilli sandwich.

nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 22:40:53

sorry - i was only joking

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:46:58

Yeah, I know!!!
It's fun most of the time-just a bit tedious now with all the bloody snow and it being so cold. Roll on the summer!!!

KateandtheGirls Tue 11-Jan-05 22:55:33

I had the impression it would be hot in Turkey. Little do I know...

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 22:57:22

It is, in the summer, but in the winter at 2000m it is very very bloody cold!!

Gem13 Wed 12-Jan-05 14:48:20

Wouldn't worry about the changing table size. Managed to change DS's nappy fine on recent flights and he is a huge toddler (age 4 size)!

Didn't bother with cloth though for the flight or while we were away - took Moltex instead.

slug Wed 12-Jan-05 17:24:03

You might consider lowering your ecological standars for the duration and invest in some pull ups (ot 'stand up naps' as the sluglet calls them) One attempt to change a nappy on the table during turbulance and you'll be cursing your decision not to bring them.

The sluglet is an experienced international traveller, once doing UK to NZ, back to the UK then Australia and back all within the space of 3 months. She can recommend stickers, magenetic or fuzzy felt books, a teddy to chat to and shove in the face of sleeping travellers during you wanderings up and down the isles and, if you already use one, a grobag to make the idea of a snooze more appealing.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 12-Jan-05 17:47:00

Balloons are good, they take nearly no space and you don't care if you lose them.

beachyhead Wed 12-Jan-05 17:50:48

balloons on a plane - I doubt it.....

KateandtheGirls Wed 12-Jan-05 17:51:55

Glad I'm not the only one puzzled by the balloons comment.

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