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Bugaboo Cameleon spares parts where to get?

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kayka Wed 30-Apr-08 18:41:14

Can anyone advise please on where to get spare parts for Cameleon? Or recommend someone who can help to repair the chassis in London ideally?
A handle on my Bugaboo Cameleon does not lock on the right it makes the buggy very floppy and dangerous for DD. Taking it back to the store was not an option and on opening the outer ring of the chassis hub, we found that 2 aluminum locking clips on the right of the unit have snapped. Bugaboo customer services is absolutely useless (to put it mildly!).. Has anyone got ay advice? Many thanks in advance!

g4ce Mon 08-Nov-10 15:44:37

THANK YOU jaceg! I now have a new Bugaboo chassis at no extra cost! I called (0207 385 5338) and got through to Franziska. Even though my warranty had expired a few months before she said that there was an extended warranty on the chassis (as mine wasn't working properly). I had to provide proof of purchase and photos of the problem areas and description of the problem. Then I got my new chassis a few days later. Brilliant!

corby Sat 20-Nov-10 22:40:27

Thanks to this forum I phoned bugaboo directly and got excellent customer service from Victoria. We had the same chassis problem on the bugaboo cameleon 2007 model for the third time and as it was out of warranty could no longer resolve it through the store (selfridges, which were also excellent in dealing with previous problems). Bugaboo provided a replacement chassis free of charge even though we were outside warranty, and Victoria was more than helpful in all telephone and email correspondence on this issue (and also when we had a problem with the wheeled board which they also replaced). Well done bugaboo.

Spanner72 Fri 21-Jan-11 14:40:23

I called Customer service and they told me you can get replacement buttons. They said many retailers aren't aware that they can order them. It is called a Reclining Button Replacement Set. When I called John Lewis they originally said I had to get a new chassis but after telling them the name of the set, they found it in their manual. I have just ordered a set for £7.95! Much cheaper than getting a new chassis! Hopefully they will do the trick!

MonkeysPunk Mon 24-Jan-11 14:15:13

Can I just say - and I know this is an old thread - if you are the original owner of your bugaboo - and you have the receipt - you should still be able to get a broken chassis or whatever replaced or repaired by bugaboo even it if is past the so called two year warranty.
This is because as a consumer - you expect the pram to be useful for as long as you need it - reasonably up to at least four years (the bugaboo advertises as being useful up to age 4!). The product has to be "fit for purpose" and "durable" so - I say keep your receipts mums and if yours doesn't last as expected talk to Bugaboo and the shop which sold you it first - if they don't help - talk to your Trading Standards office as to what to do next. wink

Hayesey Sun 13-Feb-11 16:02:45

After 2.5 years mine has just contracted this fault. However, good old John Lewis has just come to the rescue. They have the spare screw required. According to the Bugaboo letter & instructions this issue has been noted in the Chameleon model sold between August 2007 & May 2008 - Ours was purchased late in August 2008.

It took less than a minute to fix and seems (fingers crossed) as good as new!

racetobed Wed 16-Feb-11 08:15:11

I can't believe the number of problems we're all having with what is clearly the most expensive product on the market. The brake cable on my bugaboo chassis snapped yesterday, rendering it completely unsafe and unuseable. I think I'm going to send this link to bugaboo customer services: there is clearly a fault.

(although guess which new mum didn't fill in the card and register the bloody product..)

Nangran Thu 07-Apr-11 21:48:57

Have same problem as others - brake cable snapped on cameleon buggy. Fortunately it is still in warranty but I don't seem to be able to get the correct email address for customer service. Can anyone help with this please? Have tried but comes back 'undeliverable'. Retailer has gone out of business so need to go direct. Will phone them tomorrow but would like email if anyone has it. Thanks . . .

estebanquinn Wed 04-May-11 12:19:31

the email is
and the uk number is 0207 385 5338.
they were really nice and helpful! what we would hope to expect from a more expensive pram!
my brake snapped as well as some problems with the handlebars coming loose (although we just went to a hardware store and found small enough screws ourselves).

they will replace it up to 3 years and i didn't have it registered.
as long as you have proof of purchase this should help.

clod Thu 09-Jun-11 12:14:28

Bart is brilliant! I called him because my four-year-old bugaboo chassis was broken and he came the next morning and fixed it on the spot. Really reliable and not too expensive - £50 including parts. I needed someone to come to me as I couldn't fold the chassis to get it into my car. I also couldn't leave it with a repair centre overnight as my seven-month old will only go off to sleep if he's pushed up and down the house in it. I think Bart's the only person who provides this service - I couldn't find anyone else on the internet. If anyone else wants to use him his no is 07510072300.

Primrose8 Wed 02-Nov-11 10:43:04

We had this problem with our Bugaboo chassis also, Bugaboo customer services totally failed us. It's shocking that such an expensive buggy just falls to pieces like this. Our Phil & Teds is also now falling to pieces after less that two years..

However Bart has just been and fixed the Bugaboo problem for us, all done within 30 mins, £50 including parts. If you have the same problem and live in London then call Bart at the number above.

4madboys Wed 02-Nov-11 11:01:33

i have a bugaboo and whenver i have needed spares i have gone through john lewis who have been fab, i have the frog tho and have not had any issues really jsut wanted 'extras' rather than replacements for broken bits, BUT i recenlty lots the shoulder straps for mine and was trying to find them, were beyond riddiculous they want £40 for a part that has a rrp of £9.95!! not happy with that, i phoned bugaboo direct who had the part in stock and have sent it to my local john lewis for me, yes the guy i spoke to at tried to tell me that they had the ONLY spare shoulders straps left int he country and as such they would mark them up as they liked!! yes parts are getting harder to get hold off but if you get in touch with bugaboo and go throuhg a store like john lewis then you will get them at a reasonable price!

Ajax2000 Wed 04-Apr-12 18:13:40

Buggy Pitstop is the best place for repair or service - Drop off points in London and a Service Centre in St Albans. Full valet service too!

AnnieVXR Tue 22-May-12 11:15:56

I also had a problem with the clasp holding the handlebar extension. As a result of the info on here I called Bugaboo, but due to the age of my Chameleon got given a number for K2 Global Ltd 0844 880 9991.
These guys were very helpful!! Offered to fix at a cost, offered to collect and drop off too (based in Maidenhead), but also told me how to fix the problem with a part which they checked were in stock on the bugaboo website. Fabulous!!!

Ameeramum Mon 29-Oct-12 23:53:09

If your looking for parts try they help me when I'm in need

StrollerSpa Sat 08-Dec-12 04:25:29

Hi, if you are in the US or Canada, try We currently have over 21 locations and are Authorized Service Centers for BOB/Britax, Bugaboo, mountain baby, Peg Perego, phil&ted's, and Uppa Baby and handle both in warranty and out of warranty claims. We can order parts and install them for you.
Bugaboo is our main stroller repair and the items you have mentioned (brake cables and chasiss) are the things we see the most.
Thanks, and good luck!

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