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Woolacombe bay holiday parks, Devon ???????

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sallystrawberry Sun 09-Jan-05 16:16:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cadbury Sun 09-Jan-05 16:50:40

I've been to Croyde Bay "Ruda Holiday Park" about 8 years ago. We stayed in a lodge with quite a group of us and it was very comfortable. I have looked at the brochures for it since then but it's out of our price range as a family of 4. It does have some very special memories attached. My dh and I got together on that holiday

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 09-Jan-05 16:56:32

In a word 'No'. We stayed at one last year and it was the worst holiday we have ever had. It was the on a golf course.

We paid through the nose for an 'Ab Fab' cottage which was supposed to be their luxury version. Don't get me wrong the place was ok, but it certainly was not worth the £900+ we paid for the week. Facilities were poor too, no park or playground for DD, in fact nothing for toddlers to do. The DSs had a pool table and that was it. In a word, crap. Although we loved Woolacombe.

Surfermum Sun 09-Jan-05 17:27:17

I love Easewell Farm. It used to be privately owned but has now been taken over by the Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park people and the prices have doubled though. What sort of thing do you like?

sallystrawberry Sun 09-Jan-05 17:34:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FIMAC1 Tue 29-Mar-05 19:59:06

Have stayed at Easwell and Golden Coast - in their Chalets - caravan at Easwell. We always go with the Sun Holiday offer so never pay full price - Easwell is really nice and has a lovely indoor and outdoor pool - nice play area too. Short walk through pretty National trust land to small cove. Evening entertainment was awful at Easwell and quite good at Golden Coast - but we found Golden Coast too big and busy for us. Golden Coast has good outdoor pools dotted over the site and a good childrens play area with tow nice wooden outdoor play areas (one is a large Fort)

Woolacombe itself more than makes up for any accomodation that might be lacking though

JiminyCricket Tue 29-Mar-05 20:32:51

Used to stay in the ruda 'luxury lodges' when you could get them for 8 people for a long weekend off season for £99 but now their prices have shot up so we don't any more. Have stayed in a mobile home on the woolacombe bay site - as far as I remember it was OK, family friendly pub within walking distance, but you'd have to drive down (or long walk) to the beach as far as I remember. I didn't have kids then so don't know what the site is like for them. Ruda charge a lot for their pitches on the campsite at Croyde. Love the area though (I've got family moving down that way this year and can't wait for the long weekends of free babysitting while dh and I go surfing - yeah, in my dreams are my family that helpful!)

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 20:46:36

We stayed at the Gold Coast holiday park in Woolacoombe last year and we love it. DP used to live in Ilfracombe so he knows his way around. We usually camp in a tent but ds was only 3 months so we went with the Sun holiday offers.

If you get a chance, drive down to a place called 'Lee' - it's spectacular (and very well hidden)

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