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Fimbo Sat 08-Jan-05 10:28:02

Supposed to be going to Bluewater today, anybody know if the Dartford Crossing is open due to the very strong winds? TIA

LapsedGymJunkie Sat 08-Jan-05 10:42:36

Was trying to google without much success, what they usually do is, revert to pre bridge days and use one tunnel north and one tunnel south. HTH

Fimbo Sat 08-Jan-05 10:49:39

Thanks LGJ tried to google to without much success. May just leave it until tomorrow now - dd is devastated that we might not be going as she wanted to go to the Lego shop and Ikea's ballpit tomorrow!! (we were supposed to be staying overnight as got the Travelodge at Dartford for £10)

TheDragon Sat 08-Jan-05 10:54:55

According to traffic is queuing around the dartford crossing so there may be a problem although it doesn't specifically mention the bridge being shut.

Fimbo Sat 08-Jan-05 10:57:02

Thanks Dragon. Dh is a bit put off about driving on the motorway now as it takes at least 2hrs to get there.

TheDragon Sat 08-Jan-05 10:57:11

the Highways Agency traffic info says there are delays due to high winds but only of 10 minutes or so.

Freckle Sat 08-Jan-05 11:24:05

They tend to close the bridge during high winds, but the tunnel remains open. Just means there will be more traffic going through the tunnel, so allow for delays.

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