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Stopover hotels in Western France

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Marina Fri 09-Mar-01 11:40:10

I'd be really grateful for any tips on family-friendly hotels suitable for a one-night stopover in France. We are probably looking at an area between Tours and the coast to break the journey evenly, maybe around Saumur/Loches/Richelieu?
And, to get really specific, anyone stayed with small children in the dauntingly smart-looking hotel inside the abbey precincts at Fontevraud by any chance? We visited the abbey, which is a fantastic site (graves of Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine amongst others) when we were young free and single and would like to go back. But not if the only kids they like are spit-roasted...

Lizp Sun 11-Mar-01 20:45:16

Not stayed their with a child myself but the Priory at StHilaireStFloret outside Saumur seems happy with children in the restaurant despite being a smart hotel. On all times I've stayed there, there have been families (mostly French) with children from tiny babies upwards around. I think that the rooms they have in the grounds (rather than in the main hotel) are more like self catering suites so ideal for families.

Actually I think most French hotels are happy with children - all the ones we stayed at when I was pregnant said we must come back with the baby - even the very smart antique filled one.

Marina Tue 13-Mar-01 09:44:14

Thanks Liz. I will investigate the Priory. It's the first time we will have taken our son on holiday overseas and although I've always thought the French were pretty child-friendly, that's before I had one of my own.

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