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Any tips on flying with a baby

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Janos Thu 06-Jan-05 10:51:40

On a plane I mean..

My DP has booked flights for us all to go down and visit his family at the opposite end of the country - the quickest way to do this is flying.

Our DS will be 11 weeks old at this point. Any tips on how to make the journey pleasant and what to take?

nailpolish Thu 06-Jan-05 11:04:00

feed baby landing and taking off, for the ear popping thingy. just like we suck a sweetie. have you got good flight times?

Janos Thu 06-Jan-05 11:11:49

Hi nailpolish, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

We are flying late evening - DS is usually sleeping at the time flight is booked. Can't go earlier because my mum and sister are up visiting that day.

nailpolish Thu 06-Jan-05 11:27:16

i think thats a good flight time. have fun!

nailpolish Thu 06-Jan-05 11:31:08

wish i was going on holiday. had a crap xmas/new year without heating or hot water. how about you?

Janos Thu 06-Jan-05 11:47:21

Oh no, no heating and hot water in a Scottish Winter - how horrible for you! Is it back on yet? Did you get Christmas Dinner Ok? Ours was very quiet and relaxing, thankfully.

jofeb04 Thu 06-Jan-05 11:53:05

We flew when our ds was only 3 months, and we found he was perfect, we gave him a bottle as we started to take off, and he was asleep when he landed!!

Hope it goes ok for ya

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