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need to find caravan hol to fit travel cot in bedroom not lounge

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mum2oliver Wed 05-Jan-05 22:31:47

Want to find a caravan holiday in or near great yarmouth which will fit a travel cot in one of the bedrooms. Iv looked on net at vauxhall park and some others but the only place a cot will fit is in the lounge.My ds goes to bed at 7 and I know if you're on hol he should go a bit later and he will but my dp&I wont want to go to bed early!! After all it will be our own time together.
Can anyone help?

katzguk Wed 05-Jan-05 22:37:09

how old and wriggly is he? could you put a travel cot side on the caravan bed up to stop him falling out and cushion at the foot end?

milliways Wed 05-Jan-05 22:39:26

Some caravans (eg Haven Hols) have special bars/frames that slot into wall brackets and turn one of the beds into a cot. We have used these before. They also provide door gates for the main door.

pinkdiamond Wed 05-Jan-05 22:39:51

Message withdrawn

Minstrel Wed 05-Jan-05 22:40:23

I have only ever been on a caravan holiday once with Haven but they provided bars that went round one of the beds that then converted it from a bed to a cot (and was totally safe). Haven have some sites round the Yarmouth area. Someone else may come on with better information but hope this helps in the meantime.

Ailsa Thu 06-Jan-05 01:08:15

In most caravans one of the twin beds can be moved. I always put one bed on top of the other (upside down, so that the mattresses are together), then use that space for the travel cot.

emmatmg Thu 06-Jan-05 06:57:38

The caravan we stayed inlast year (and will be again latter this year) has no room in the bedroom for travel cots but we found that the mattress and legs of the bed can easily be moved/separated. Both are very light weight as they'd go through the floor otherwise

This yr we will sleep in the lounge (Wooo-Hooo TV in bed) and the T.cot will go in the double room with the matress and legs separted so that the legs, sort of, stand up against the wall and with the matress on it's side too.

Ok it's a kerfuffle doing it all but theres NO-WAY I'm sharing a room with DS3 this year as we were packed in like sardines.

emmatmg Thu 06-Jan-05 07:02:57

Does that make any sense?

basiclly, last year we had to climb over stuff to get to the cot in the double room so we were packed like sardines. This year we'll move the bed, as I described, so DS3 will have the double room and we'll have the lounge.

This is what happens when you go to bed late and get up at the crack of can understand a word I say.

lowcalCOD Thu 06-Jan-05 07:15:55

go abroad to keycamp!

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