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poodlepusher Thu 17-Apr-08 20:48:35

I've been looking for one that my 19month old will be able to play in safely in the back garden, preferably with a lid, sunshade and a bottom to it (many are advertised as having plastic sheeting only).

And my brain has gone numb with searching.

Any suggestions very gratefully received!!

Yurtgirl Thu 17-Apr-08 20:52:12

My two love our square plastic one - it does the job

I wouldnt bother with a sunshade - a garden parasol ought to do the job well enough. My ds is 6, still likes the sandpit - a sunshade would get in the way

Definitely a great buy I wish we had been abole toget one earlier

mazzystar Thu 17-Apr-08 20:52:53

i started a thread on this the other day - got some brill usggestions

will try to link

poodlepusher Fri 18-Apr-08 10:41:51

Thanks. Good advice. We have a normal sunshade already so will stop worrying about that.

PestoMonster Fri 18-Apr-08 11:12:55

We used to have

this one

But have since passed it on to my neighbour for her boys.

'Twas brilliant smile

SpacePuppy Fri 18-Apr-08 11:17:53

got ds this at age 1.5. It's cheap, can be moved in winter to shed, takes 3 bags x10kg sand and he never spends more than 15 min in it as he is carting the sand around the garden with his wheelbarrow and spades etc. anyway.

I just felt to give up lawn space is no option so it sits just outside our patio door. Instead of using one half for water we use it to cover in rain etc.

SpacePuppy Fri 18-Apr-08 11:20:01

Another reason we didn't go for the plastic underlay was that if it gets wet, it never really dries out, we drilled 2 tiny holes in the plastic one and the water drains out (which means ds can play with a watering can inside it).

poodlepusher Fri 18-Apr-08 14:32:14

These look great. Huge disparity in prices though.

nappyaddict Sat 19-Apr-08 23:05:45

if you get a wooden one i think they don't have bottoms so the rain can drain away. they advise you to put it on weed membrane or something like that.

needshelpwitheveryday Fri 15-Jul-11 17:00:57

Wooden bottoms tend to rot over time so it is best to go with a membrane however if you really want a floor have you seen the picnic table versions?? I got mine for my little girl - she loves it as the lid make the table into a proper picnic table and its nice to be able to cover the sand and put it away I got mine - I think they also do a more traditional sandpit with a sun shade that you might like but I think that has the underlay so you might not like it????

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