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Turkey - with childcare

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Milly1968 Wed 05-Jan-05 13:45:51

We would like to take our 18 month old twins and 5 yr old dd to Turkey over the summer half term. However,for us, it is essential to go somewhere with childcare! Can anyone make a recommendation?

I know Mark Warner holidays are meant to be good, but I think the resorts are probably a bit big for us - we like going to small quiet places where we can lounge around enjoying long lunches while the kids are being looked after by someone else! I know that either the Observer or the Guardian featured somewhere in Turkey which had childcare a few months ago, it sounded very appealing, but I really can't remember anything about it. I think it might have been near Fethiye. Does anyone know more about this?

Any ideas/suggestions about going to Turkey with 3 small children will be very welcome.

Many thanks


beachyhead Wed 05-Jan-05 13:47:13

I think Sunsail is better than Mark Warner and they have childcare too and sites in Turkey....

bakedpotato Wed 05-Jan-05 14:01:47

oooh, we went here last summer. it's near fethiye. it might be the place you read about. it might be too hot in midsummer though. we went in sept and it was gorgeous: warm rather than hot, and perfect for swimming.

we'd go again. did have a few reservations about the (Englishwoman) running the children's club -- which is quite basic -- but I don't imagine somehow that she will be back this year. the Turkish girl who also worked there was lovely. actually, all the Turks were fantastic -- so good with children. by the end of the week, all the chambermaids knew dd by name, though they preferred to call her 'princess' which suited her fine.

nice, plain whitewashed cottages; great (and cheap) restaurant food if you like aubergines/tomatoes/grilled lamb (though they don't officially do room service, waiters were always happy to carry supper trays out to our cottage terrace once dd was in bed -- but you can hire babysitters too); and several pool areas incl one big one for families.

it was quiet and peaceful (though at night in some cottages you do get a bit of noise coming up from the coastal resorts downhill), there are tortoises and goats and olive trees.

if you go make sure you get a cottage near the restaurant area, as some of the cottages are quite a stony uphill hike which won't be fun with toddler twins.

DEE7479551 Wed 05-Jan-05 20:27:34

We went to Mark Warner in Lakitiri (Greece) this year and had a fabulous time. The childcare was first rate.

Whilst the resort can hold up to 600 people it does not feel crowded and there are load of quiet places that you go to within the grounds. The only potential problem for you with this is that the children are returned to you between 1 and 3 p.m. so long quiet lunches are out. You could have leisurely breakfasts and use the babysitting service during dinner.

Best of luck,


davepyle1 Wed 12-Jan-05 14:05:15

I do not rate Sunsails watersports operating procedures as safe - witness the fatality last year. Despite RYA recognition, the centre I was at the standards blatantly fell far short of the word safe - especially the kids clubs. If you do go demand to physically see the quals of the instuctors who will be responsible for you/your children and check that they have the required amount of rescue boats required. The General Manager, who sets the standards is in my opinion unprofessional and thats bieng charitable.
dave pyle

Willow2 Wed 26-Jan-05 14:05:46

Simply travel have a hotel/apartments with childcare - on the beach and with watersports. Several friends have been and rated it very highly.

beachyhead Wed 26-Jan-05 14:13:20

dave pyle - you are not being very specific....if you have a specific complaint against one Sunsail club which has not been satisfactorily answered, then let us know....and what fatality?

I've been on a couple of Sunsail holidays and am an experienced sailor and in my opinion and based on my experience, I would rate their facilities and instructors highly.....

HandbagAddiction Thu 27-Jan-05 15:53:08

Have to say that we were entirely satisifed with our Sunsail break in Marverde (Turkey) last September. Relatively small resort but the equipment and instruction was first rate (our party are all experienced sailors too) and the childcare facilities really good.

gscrym Thu 27-Jan-05 16:09:27

From what I've seen of their brochures, Neilson holidays look the business. If you have teeny weeny ones, you can order a baby pack and they make sure you have everything you need in your accomodation. I know people who have been and they go back when they can.

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