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First trip abroad - tips and pool safety?

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Waswondering Mon 03-Jan-05 18:20:47

We are travelling abroad with DS for the first time in 3.5 weeks (so exciting). Off to Tenerife and PIL are coming to. It's a six hour flight from here (I know!) - any tips for the journey? DS is a cot sleeper and I'm concerned that he won't sleep at all on the flight, even though it's over his normal sleep time. Also - if he is on our knees, how do we do practical things like eat our airline meal? I can see his hands being all over it!

We're privately renting a villa. The bit that worries me is there is a pool on the terrace, with no guard/fence. What are the tips for keeping the boy safe round it, other than being ultra vigilant when outside? I had heard from someone about getting a floatation aid thing and making him wear it when outside "just in case" but wondered if this was OTT.

Advice from seasoned travellers would be most appreciated!

Fran1 Mon 03-Jan-05 18:37:50

You don't say how old he is. But we took our dd on a 16 hr flight when she was 9 mths old, and i was amazed, it all ran very smoothly. I bought lots of new small toys to have in hand luggage. i bf her to sleep and then able to transfer into the baby chairs they give you. The worst part was when she wanted to crawl up and down the aisle and tug everyones trouser legs but it was fine i just did several circuits of the plane that flight!!

Pool - just don't expect to get a tan. We had use of beach and pool, and had relatives with us, but i still didn't lay back on a sunbed once! Bit of a shock to the system after many years of hols child free, but it was fun, and we had some nice trips out to sight see and to be honest i think dd preferred those days too.

Have a wonderful holiday,

phatcat Mon 03-Jan-05 18:40:55

How old is your ds Waswondering?

We had a villa with pool holiday when ds was 18 months and I was worried about pool safety too - we just supervised constantly - NEVER left him alone outside and put water wings on him when he was running around. It wasn't especially relaxing but it was fun and he loved going in the water by the end of the week. Don't have too high expectations of chilling out by the pool yourself!

Regarding the flight I would try and stick as closely to bedtime routine as possible - we gave ds his supper and changed him into pjs before boarding and gave him his bottle of milk as soon as we were sat down on the plane. (Milk tip for return journey - freeze the bottle the night before travel and let it defrost in your bag over the course of the day). He did settle to sleep eventually and we just took turns holding him as no spare seats - fortunately the meal didn't arrive until he was asleep so it wasn't too bad - the one not holding ds had to feed the other though as no room on lap. Make sure you have a few small toys to hand for distraction as required - maybe even a new one.

Have a great time - you'll find that you just improvise as you go along and everything will be fine.

Waswondering Mon 03-Jan-05 19:21:59

Sorry! Should have said - 16m (turning 17 when there) and fiercely independent, fairly steady on feet. Stopped bf a few months ago, so not an option!

Waswondering Mon 03-Jan-05 19:24:52

Also - flight out is 12md, so lunchtime sleep. Flight back is first thing - not a sleep time!!

Phatcat - found your post helpful as similar ages, and good to know that water wings weren't an ott thought re safety. I am fairly laid back re general bumps and bruises - but not about drowning, as you can imagine.

PIL so excited about the trip. DH and I are hoping to get the odd afternoon away and leave them to it! PIL live at a distance from us, so they see that as a real trip!!

Waswondering Mon 03-Jan-05 19:25:06

Treat, not trip

tassis Wed 09-Feb-05 15:20:55

Think we need an update...

Waswondering Wed 09-Feb-05 15:29:24

He thought the pool was a giant bath and was most intrigued. We dunked his feet in once to see how icy cold it was, but he still raced towards it at any opportunity. So we packed him off to the beach at any chance, which was a bit easier.

Our flight home was at 0700 GMT - same time zone. DS awoke that morning at 0200 - incredibly unusual - teeth? - was still playing peek-a-boo (how can you be cross?) at 0330. Upshot was he slept almost whole way home which was great.

Juggling airline meals and coffee with a toddler on your knee takes in flight catering to a new level. Fending ds off the contents of the mini bar on board was also difficult. But can't see how people can drink wine at 0700 on the return flight with their breakfast. Urgh (and Tassis - you know me and wine!!)

Laylasmum Wed 09-Feb-05 15:39:19

We kept DD's armbands on all the time when she was round the pool. she did fall in once but bobbed straight up again.

Waswondering Wed 09-Feb-05 15:41:16

If ds had fallen in, he would have become an ice-cube!!!

Waswondering Wed 09-Feb-05 15:41:40

Maybe that grin was inappropriate . . . .

tassis Wed 09-Feb-05 15:47:55

Sounds lovely. Well done!

Agree re wine in the morning. Now afternoon is another matter altogether...

Waswondering Wed 09-Feb-05 15:50:50

And lunchtime another matter still . . .

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