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Lake Garda

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Gillian76 Tue 28-Dec-04 13:25:54

Has anyone ever been camping at Lake Garda?

We've just booked to go with Keycamp in July. The site is called Europa Silvella.

Any ideas of fun things to do with a 5, 3 and 2 year old?

Thanks in advance

LIZS Tue 28-Dec-04 13:35:57

Gardaland is a theme park down towards Garda itself. There are many quaint lakeside villages accessible by the network of boats and ferries, including Malcesine on the east side with a cable car (iirc) up a local mountain. Sirmione at the far southern point has some great roman ruins (Grotto di Catullo). If you have a car , it is less than an hour into Verona with its history and Amphitheatre where they stage live opera in the summer evenings (not recommend with young kids though !).


MrsBigDrumsADrumming Tue 28-Dec-04 16:06:47

As far as I remember my brother and I never got bored when our parents took us camping there yonks ago. Also my friend still goes there now with her 2 kids (15 and 5).

Just do a google search on Lake Garda with Kids and it'll even bring up a Lake Garda Forum!!!

Goingcrazy Mon 03-Jan-05 21:33:24

Hi Gillian76 we've been to Lake Garda twice and are going again this summer - do you get the impression we love it there? First time we went we stayed at Europa Silvella with Keycamp and our dds were almost 6 and almost 4 - it was a lovely quiet place to stay with a great pool, a pizzeria on site and another one within easy walking distance. We had a great day in Gardaland, went on the ferry across the lake to Malcesine and went up the mountain on a cable car which the girls loved. We loved driving to different places around the lake, pottering around and eating in outside cafes. We also visited Sirmione where there is a castle to explore and some great ice cream places! The second time we went, we visited the water park which is quite close to Gardaland and that was a fun day out. We did fly drive to Venice and on the way back we stopped at Verona although that was the second time when girls were older (9 and & 7). First time we went we also visited an animal park which is a bit sad looking but the girls really liked it there. This year we're hoping to make it right to the top of Lake Garda and explore round there a bit. Hope you have a great time.

Gillian76 Wed 05-Jan-05 00:23:08

Oh thanks Goingcrazy! Did you camp or stay in a mobile? I'm worried about bedding - not sure what we'll need mid July and flying with Ryanair!

Goingcrazy Sat 15-Jan-05 14:51:51

Hi Gillian76 - sorry haven't been on Mumsnet for ages so only just saw your post. We stayed in a mobile both times coz I'm a bit funny about communal toilets and showers!!!! We took sheets and pillowcases - blankets and pillows were provided although the second time we went was during that amazing heatwave in Europe so we didn't even need the sheets! Not sure what you get in tents but I think you can hire the bedding if you want.

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