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Holiday for spring/summer 2005, where shall we go?

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misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 10:36:30

there is currently an auction in palce, running to help my dh have a good holiday to build his strength up. He says the spring would be bettter as his chest is bothering him. but where do we go? He likes to see interesting places, but cant do too much walking, wants entertainment, but not too much, we will have 3 kids age 5 and under with us. dont want a butlins/haven holiday really, fancy something really relaxing where dh can just potter about if he needs to and i can take the kdis out somewhere fun. oh, and must be south east based ideally (we're in herts) as dh doesnt want to travel too far due to his health problems.

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 18:56:18


Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 19:03:29

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 19:04:44

What sort of entertainment does he want, misdee? (Not that I have anything in mind, was just wondering.)

Who is doing the auction for you btw? Sounds like a great idea.

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 19:04:53

was looking at that one, but dh isnt too sure about the kids, says it would be nice if we went alone, or just with bubs.

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 19:07:12

Thebearsnuts are running the auction, i was just gonna sell some of my bad taste bears to raise funds, but Steve (mad bloke hehe) got involved and set up a huge auction.

dh says strippers!! lol. dont think his heart would take it.

Maybe just somethign small for the kids in the evening (kids club type thing) and maybe a live band/caberet type thing for us. not too big. butlins is a no no as we have been there too many times b4.

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 19:17:46

How about a seaside place with a pier with summer shows? Great Yarmouth or somewhere like that? I don't think you're going to get entertainment on the spot unless you do go for somewhere like Butlins or Haven - or are you - ???? This one???

Or what about one of those holiday cottage complexes where there are loads of cottages and different things to do - swimming pool, table tennis, snooker table, that kind of thing?

happymerryberries Sun 26-Dec-04 19:19:59

There is a fab family hotel in Peebles, but that might be too far for you to go to, could your dh manage the train journey? There is a wonderful swimming complex for you and the kids and dh could enjoy the views etc, there are also nice grounds to wander round. There is also a kids club that runs from 10 in the morning till 10 at night.

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 19:21:53

Or Waldegraves near Colchester (Gt Yarmouth looks like a long way, am thinking Essex is a bit nearer??)

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 19:27:18

Nice cottage at Clacton - only sleeps 4 (1 bedroom) but you could probably squeeze a baby in. (When is the baby due btw? What time were you thinking of having your hol? There'd be more in the way of entertainment later on.)

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:32:59

Wont go to jaywick, went there this year, its where we had a car accident so bad memories really.

Mersea island is nice, i remember walking from one side to the other when younger.

Vauxhall is ok, but they have funny pool rules, about people with eczema not being aloowed in. And no baths onsite!! will have to check their new rules, and see if chalets have baths in them. but when we've been caravanning with my parents there the kids have had nasty infection with their eczema.

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 21:37:02

How about Coopers Beach (also Mersea Island)?

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 21:41:06

Or Hoseasons ?

KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 21:49:45

what about ISLE OF WIGHT?

loads to do

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:49:55

is hoseasons connected with haven in any way?
i dont mind a holiday park really, but dh really wants to do stuff outside the park as well. i remember hastings having caves, and interesting things to see.

The kids love yarmouth, especially the amazon place and sealife etc. dd2 loves lizards and tortises, dd1 even held a snake last time!

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:52:00

how do i find out about hospital facilities on Isle of wight? was on our list.

anything in dover/hastings way? would hastings be too hilly do you think?

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 21:54:48

I was looking for places not too far away (and not beyond London!) - where would you really like to go? (I'll have another google for you.)

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:56:15

Yarmouth is ok, felixstowe, lowestoft, hastings and dover, may be isle of wight and surrounding areas, but thats only if i'm driving by them. if we say east from southend upto great yarmmouth definatly.

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 21:56:48

Yarmouth or Great Yarmouth?

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:57:43

sorry, great yarmouth

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 21:58:16


misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:59:10


JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 22:01:39

Oooh, misdee, look at Wakefield Court - bungalows and private beach, and click on the Days Out link for loads of things to do!

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 22:01:59

That's Gt Y btw.

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 22:05:27

looks lovely. will email them about baths! may just have to take a baby bath.

bubs will be born in march btw, so will sleep in pram.

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