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Scared to take baby abroad - help

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AbsoluteBeginner Wed 22-Dec-04 12:00:05

Sorry to sound so pathetic. Planning trip next February, first abroad with baby, who will then be 11 months. Am frankly scared -- so many problems -- will she freak on plane? But more worryingly -- how can I keep her safe with so many hazards.. her falling in swimming pool is main scary one but also falling down steps, off balconies etc etc and will be difficult to prepare food/bottles eugh how do other mums cope? Know I'm being a bit pathetic, just need some reassurance. Hoping to go to Canaries as hard working husband desperately needs some sunshine.

myermay Wed 22-Dec-04 12:17:47

Message withdrawn

MariNativityPlay Wed 22-Dec-04 12:21:46

Canaries are packed with English speaking facilities/services I've will be fine, honest. She won't freak on the plane, she will be full of curiosity, the sunshine will be lovely for you all, the hotel should help you with bottles and food.
You need a holiday too, I bet. Make sure dh helps out and you will all have a great time. Just try not to expect it to be as relaxing as your last holiday pre-baby, I think that one has caught all of us out at least once.

GoodKingWestCountryLass Thu 23-Dec-04 00:21:04

My Mum lives in Spain and so we have encountered some of your concerns. All you can do is what you do here as far as hazards are concerned, d not leave baby unattended by pool, steps, balconies ya de ya de ya de.

As fir the plane journey, kids do pick up on our anxieties so try to be relaxed and your DD should enjoy it at her age.

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