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HELP last minute search for hotel for New Year

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Cll Fri 17-Dec-04 15:28:19

May be too late but wanting to go to a hotel with another family (we ahve tow kids, they have 3) for 30th and 31st Dec - can be anywhere between London and Lancashire - they have to be In St Annes on New Year's Day, we have to be in LLandudno, N Wales. A pool would be nice but not essential. Anyone got any suggestions of places we could try?

Hayls Fri 17-Dec-04 15:37:04

Try Easyjet's website- we were looking for a hotel in Belfast with no luck but they found somewhere ideal and at a discounted rate. I think it's Olympus travel or something

HoHoHoHappyHedgehog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:37:12

Hi Cll, You will undoubtedly find that many places are booked, particularly as you need two 'family' rooms. Try and as well as expedia, travelocity, and If you find a hotel that's available then go to and click on 'plan a trip to europe - united kingdom', then search for the county or region where the hotel is located. Click again on the county and on the next page type the name of the hotel in the search box. You will then (hopefully) find some travellers reviews from previous guests of the hotel and also a link to request your dates of stay. The tripadvisor site then links up with 3 or 4 websites (like expedia, travelocity etc) and gets comparison quotes for you from each site without you needing to go to each site yourself.
Hope you find somewhere .

bambi06 Fri 17-Dec-04 22:25:24

i spotted a few wonderful ones on e-bay and tickets dept ..people who rent out properties are doing last minute deals and there are some great bargains..have fun and merry xmas everyone

woodpops Tue 21-Dec-04 16:35:57

How about the splash landings hotel at Alton towers??? It looks fab and all their new year stuff is aimed around families.

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