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Skiing with a 1 year old

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Flumberrysauce Mon 13-Dec-04 10:05:34

Going skiing in Jan with a group including m&d (to look after baby). its to Chatel in Porte du Soleil.

Any advice on what to take. DD can't walk yet so got an all in one snuggle suit.

Should I borrow a three wheeler buggy?

Any tips?

Flumberrysauce Mon 13-Dec-04 10:19:52

Ahhh, you're all just jealous that I'm going skiing aren't you.

C'mon admit it. Theres a cyber world of out there isn't there.

Prettybird Mon 13-Dec-04 10:30:50

How are you getting there?

You can either borrow a three wheeler, or you should be able to hire one out there. (At least, you can in Meribel and I would have thought that Chatel has similar facilities).

The second time we went with ds he was 16 months old and had only just started to walk. He wasn't at all keen on trying to walk on the funny white stuff - but I suppose if you've only just learned to balance, then the crunchy sinking stuff would put you off! He did love sledging though!

Flumberrysauce Mon 13-Dec-04 10:42:24

We are flying. Don't really want to take a buggy but guess mum and dad will need it for her. I will be too busy carrying my ski's and snowboard to worry about her!! ha ha how shellfish am I!

Barbaloot Mon 13-Dec-04 11:42:26

Ahh the memories of skiing with 2 under 2! I can't imagine how we coped looking back, but we did somehow, & had fun too.
Make sure you take plenty of fun indoor things, the tinies don't always like to stay out for too long (mine didn't).
Also take something to suck on for the plane to help prevent pressure pains in the ears.
Take a passport photo of DD and get a free lift pass for her if there are any suitable lifts in Chatel. (Not everywhere need photos for infants, but some places do). My two loved riding up the mountain in the 'bubbles' at the end of the day.
A drag along sledge will be much more fun/easy to drive than a buggy if there is snow at resort level.

Prettybird Mon 13-Dec-04 12:02:10

Have a look at Page 41 of this - it has a section for "Baby Rental - carriers". It might be worth contacting the shops and arranging to hire in advance, for your peace of mind.

Alternatively, if you can borrow a 3 wheeler, it means that if yuo have any delays etc, then you/your parents aren't having to lug your dd, as well as all the other luggage! Depending on how big she is/how long the journey is, it is much easier to push a sleeping one year old than carry her!

LIZS Tue 14-Dec-04 20:06:36

When we took ds at that age we hired a toboggan with a seat to trundle him around and took a footmuff to help keep him warm and dry. He didn't like snow at all , even though he could cruise around a bit by then. They used to take him back to hotel for naps though although he would snooze a bit in it. You can sometimes hire 3 wheelers in resort too (which we couldn't back then) which may be more comfy. Otherwise take a baby backpack if your parents would feel confident walking with her in there.

Do make sure you have warm mittens and waterproof,warm boots or padders too. Layers are the way to go. Cotton tops and leggings/tights.

mckenzie Tue 14-Dec-04 20:12:35

Some friends of ours (a big group with about 7 children of ages from 6months to 5) always went ot Chatel, year after year, because they thought it was all so child-friendly so hopefully you'll be okay.

Beware the cold though huh? Thermals for the wee one. We took DS for the first time this year when he was 2 and a half and he loved it, on skis and screaming 'faster faster' as he came down the mountain between DH's legs.

stringbean Wed 15-Dec-04 09:01:01

We took ds to Tignes when he was 16 months old. We took our three-wheeler, but it stayed in the car the whole week as we toted ds around on a sledge, which he loved. Depends on how far away you are from everything - are you staying in the middle of the resort? January is really cold, so bear in mind that your ds may not want to stay out for long, particularly if its not sunny, so a few new indoor toys will probably go down well. We're off to Flaine in March with ds (now 3) and dd who will be 5-6 months, so we'll need our three-wheeler this time as dd won't be able to sit up on a sledge (and we're flying too, so we're going to look as though we're staying for a year!). And no, you're not selfish! We go with my parents as well, plus my two brothers and sister-in-law, so lots of people to care for little ones (although ds will do kindergarten this year). And ds will be carrying his own skis!! Start 'em young, I say!

deebanee Sun 02-Jan-05 17:34:38

going skiing in march with mi chap kids going away with auntie so we going skiing for a laugh any advice on what to take thanks

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