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Centerparcs is fully booked, where can I go instead??

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Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 20:57:19

Message withdrawn

GoodKingWestCountryLass Fri 10-Dec-04 21:42:17

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 21:44:40

Message withdrawn

GoodKingWestCountryLass Fri 10-Dec-04 22:04:30

Bugger! Sorry, thought it was open all year round

GoodKingWestCountryLass Fri 10-Dec-04 22:14:06

Check out this site, you can put your dates in:

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 22:32:33

Message withdrawn

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 22:34:36

kiedler forest?

oh your mate is in brum,,,forget that one

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 22:35:10

Message withdrawn

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 22:36:44

will find one - they do lovelyt log cabins...

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 22:37:55

link{\this doesnt seem quite right...will keep looking}

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 22:38:11

there not quite right one again

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 22:39:48

Message withdrawn

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 22:41:55

oh yes - forgot about the weather.....what about oasis up in the owned by center parks i think....

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 22:44:23

Message withdrawn

cardigansarenotjustforxmas Fri 10-Dec-04 22:50:14

What about one of the hotels for kids often advertised in the Sunday Times Travel section. I don't have a copy with me at the mo - but have seen ads for hotels with pools plus kids activities listed.

YORK Fri 10-Dec-04 23:26:59

My geography is a bit crap but what about butlins at minehead? I have just booked to go to bognor regis in peak season next year for a week and it only cost £189 for deluxe room. If you book on the internet it's half price. I was quoted £390 over the phone.

Yorkiegirl Fri 10-Dec-04 23:43:08

Message withdrawn

GoodKingWestCountryLass Sat 11-Dec-04 00:18:48

Hmmmm, what about booking a family room at a Travel Lodge or similar and making your own entertainment and go out on day trips. Like a kiddified city break.

If you stayed near Bath for example, you could go to Bath City one day, Bristol City, Longleat, Cheddar, Swindon Oasis/Steam Museum - or do similar at a location that appeasl to you.

Just an idea...

Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Dec-04 11:32:36

Message withdrawn

galaxy Sat 11-Dec-04 11:44:48

Look at the Hoseasons web site. They have family parks with swimming pools, kids club etc and are generally less expensive than Centre Parcs.

happymerryberries Sat 11-Dec-04 11:46:50

If you are prepared to leave the country (!), have a look at

It is a capl site at a theme park in holland, about an hour from Amsterdam. Price for a chalet in Feb (for 4) is between 295-370 Euros, which I think is quite good value. You can go on the Tunnel for £165. We wnet at easter last year. You get 2 hours free pass in the water park and there is a theme park on site....sounds awful but it isn't. There are lots of good rides for the littlies. Only probelm is that it isn't all under cover. But it was about the same price at easter for a week as a weekend in CP!

seb1 Sat 11-Dec-04 21:02:51

Try RibbyHall

codswallop Sat 11-Dec-04 22:02:59

ther was onec a htreada bout lodges in real forests

codswallop Sat 11-Dec-04 22:04:37


Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Dec-04 22:11:41

Message withdrawn

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