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baby friendly accomodation in San Francisco?

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jennifersofia Mon 28-Oct-02 21:56:47

Anyone know of affordable accomodation in SF for a family with young babies? Ideally looking for a separate room (but attached, if you see what I mean) for babies.

triplets Mon 28-Oct-02 22:37:39

You are spoilt for choice in SF, we have been there twice and there is every type of accomodation really, from VERY expensive to motel type places. We found the Best Western chain really good value, how many children? They can of course share a room with you or obviously one next door. There is such a choice you would really have to decide in which area of the city you want to be and go from there. You can always look on the web, just type in child friendly hotels etc San Francisco and I am sure you will be spoit for choice! Wish I was going!

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