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Caves within 2 hour drive of London??? Do they exist???

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gegs73 Wed 21-Nov-07 20:10:09

DS1 has suddenly decided that he is into caves and wants to know all about them. I know there are loads to visit in Devon, Cornwall, Peak District etc but does anyone know of any within a reasonable travelling distance of London??

If anyone knows of any I would love to know grin

MaureenMLovesmincepies Wed 21-Nov-07 20:12:01

Yes they do! Chislehurst Caves! Give me a minute!

MaureenMLovesmincepies Wed 21-Nov-07 20:15:12

here you go. 20 mins on the train from central London and very good fun! You all get to carry tilly lamps around and at one point you switch them all off! Scarey!

gegs73 Wed 21-Nov-07 20:20:47

Brilliant grin thanks for that. I really didn't think there were any nearby. We will definately visit. Thanks Maureen!!!!

morningpaper Wed 21-Nov-07 20:22:15

Megalegs does cheap tours of her fanjo

She has carved staircases inside and rows of candle-lit lanterns

It's lovely

morningpaper Wed 21-Nov-07 20:22:36

sorry got carried away

gegs73 Wed 21-Nov-07 20:24:17

Hahahha. Don't think DS1 would be interested in that - thank God ahahah.

Marina Wed 21-Nov-07 20:25:14

Good underground stuff (tunnels rather than caves) at Dover Castle too.
Chislehurst Caves is brilliant and as Maureen says, you can get the train practically to the door.

meh Wed 21-Nov-07 20:27:48

oi mp!! You cheeky mare, !!I was just thinking what a great juxtaposition this thread would make with that other thread!!

meh Wed 21-Nov-07 20:28:30

pssst. I also have painting s and stalagtites

morningpaper Wed 21-Nov-07 20:29:45

Do you still have that woman employed to jump out and scare people with her witchy cackle?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 21-Nov-07 20:34:26

Also Reigate caves - about 30mins by train.

meh Wed 21-Nov-07 20:34:26

No but look what happened to my DH when I last tried some pelvic floor exercises

morningpaper Wed 21-Nov-07 20:38:19

if you squeeze hard enough, he should just fly out

WanderingTrolley Wed 21-Nov-07 20:39:30

Wycombe caves are up the M40, so to speak.

mp that sounds like the job for me - I will find out if they're hiring.

meh - I'm astounded by your fanjo, as is your dh, by the look of his face.

Hmmm...I think that comes under 'sentence I never thought I'd type'

meh Wed 21-Nov-07 20:44:14

MP - That is hilarious, I am trying to explain to DH why I have jsut turned round at spat beer at him (didn't want to wreck my poota!!) He is looking bemused.

WanderingT - I think you should start a thread - sentences you thought you would never type.

Sorry serious cave ladies, we have infiltrated your very sensible thread with our smut, I shall take my keave ( stiil chortling, that image will amek me giggle all night mp)

morningpaper Wed 21-Nov-07 20:46:20

yes sorry cave ladies

This is not very good travel advice

msappropriate Wed 21-Nov-07 20:48:19

theres also these in hastings

gegs73 Wed 21-Nov-07 20:50:43

Cave lady that is I. I am disgusted at all this talk of fanjos on my serious thread grin hahhaha. I'm bever going to be able to think of a cave in the same light again.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

chocolateheaven Fri 23-Nov-07 10:39:56


karen51 Sat 20-Nov-10 14:40:20

There is a voucher for Hell Fire Caves at this site which admits one child free. The caves look amazing!!

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