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What's it like to live in the Yeovil area?

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mumdmc Mon 19-Nov-07 12:46:58

Hi Mumsnetters! I wonder if anyone out there can help me? My DH is considering a career move that would mean relocating to Yeovil from south London/Surrey. Am trying to find out if it's the kind of place we'd like to live - can anyone give me any advice??

hazeyjane Mon 19-Nov-07 14:27:19

Hi, we live in a village about 20 minutes drive from Yeovil. TBH we usually drive a bit further to go to Taunton which is the other largish place in this part of Somerset, because the town centre of Yeovil is dominated by The Quedam Centre, a delightful 70's shopping centre which has sort of eaten Yeovils town centre! There is a nice top end of town with Cafe Nero and a department store, and then it all goes downhill from there. As somewhere to live I'm afraid I can't help you, I don't know how old your LO('s) are, mine are 20months and 6 months and I know that there is always lots of stuff that would be good for them. There are some good schools in the area, but as with everywhere it is a mixed bag.There is some lovely countryside around and its only 20/30 mins drive to the sea.Its also got pretty good links to London.
We moved back to this area from the London area, and personally I have to say I miss living somewhere bigger (but like I say we are in a pretty, but quite small village), I also miss the variety of people and cultural mix that you get in the London area. But obviously its different strokes for different folks! Hope I haven't completely put you off, because we do enjoy living down here and it is pretty friendly. It's really hard having to make these decisions and I wish you luck in making

mumdmc Mon 19-Nov-07 16:34:35

Hey thanks for's the first info of any kind that anyone's given me so I really appreciate it. DS is 30 months so we'd have to find part time day care as well as somewhere to live...not all the reports I'm reading about the area and schools aren't all that favourable so am cacking it a bit. Haven't lived anywhere really smalltown but getting away from the prevailing gang culture that is seeping from Croydon can't be a bad thing. Is Sherborne nicer?

yogimum Mon 19-Nov-07 16:41:14

I love Sherborne and its much nicer than Yeovil. Yeovil is bigger though I've never shopped there. It would probably feel very rural after London/Surrey. Dorset is a lovely area and I've lived nearly everywhere!

yogimum Mon 19-Nov-07 16:43:35

We live in Dorchester, which has pretty good nurseries and schools.

hazeyjane Mon 19-Nov-07 18:35:58

Sherborne is lovely, quite posh, but more of a proper country market town. Don't really know anything about the schools/nurseries in that area, but it definately has a nicer 'feel' than Yeovil, which does have more of a rough side.

mumdmc Mon 19-Nov-07 19:30:44

That's really useful...thanks everyone. I don't reckon I'll get coast side as we need to be near the M5. 'Quite posh' would probably suit DH's alter ego and probably plenty of people to play golf with!! There's a great sounding nursery in Yetminster so Sherborne could be somewhere to take a closer look at. Interview's tomorrow so he's being sent off with the camera ! Thanks again

LittleB Wed 21-Nov-07 16:07:27

I went to school in Sherborne, but it was grammars then, comprehensive now. I think Dorchester might still have grammar schools though. Sherborne is very nice but is dominated by the over 60's and pupils from the private schools, there are 3 in the area(my mum teaches at 1). Dorset is nice but more expensive and coservative,Somerset is cheaper, I live in Crewkerne about 8 miles from Yeovil, there are some very good nurseries about, my dd goes to a 'good' preschool and there are some lovely primary schools around. We go to Exeter or bath for a day out shopping, both about an hour away, and Bournemeouth is ok too. About 30mins from the M5 and still only 35mins from Lyme Regis. Beautiful countryside and pretty and queit villges. Activities I know of in the area include toddler groups, Gymborree (gym & Music), forest schools swimming etc (Crewkerne has a really good aqua centre (pool and gym, community run) and farmers markets, carnivals, fayres etc!

CAB07 Sat 06-Oct-12 13:43:27

I know this post is very out of date and no one may be here anymore but i know someone with 3 small children moving to an area close to Yetminster/Yeovil and Sherborne and I'm trying to help her find some contacts before she makes the leap - if you happen to be in the area please let me know!

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