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Belfast on a budget

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Hayls Mon 01-Nov-04 15:45:05

It's dh and dd's birthdays at the end of January and as a treat I've arranged for us to go to Belfast for the weekend. I've got the flights but now need somewhere to stay with a 1 yr old. And it has to be cheap as chips. don't ask much, do I?

Anyone got any recommendations? Any other advice about airport tranfers, child friendly tourist places/ restaurants etc much appreciated

Eve Mon 01-Nov-04 16:11:09

which airport?

transfers are fairly cheap on the bus from either.

as for places to go...I was at university in Belfast years ago, so not clued up on childrens places to visit.

Just outside Belfast though is the Ulster History Museum (?) in Cultra....its a living museum with old houses you walk round etc. but ...haven't been there for years, not sure it still exists!!

Queens is nice for a walk around, Botanic Gardens, Ulster Museum on Stranmills road, and apparently you can get bus tours round Belfast taking in the cultural delights of both East and West Belfast!!

Eve Mon 01-Nov-04 16:22:14

its come back to me..Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra

Hayls Mon 01-Nov-04 16:38:39

Belfast International, eve. THanks for the tips. ANyone else?

Hayls Tue 02-Nov-04 10:05:31

Anyone? PLease??!!

nicm Tue 02-Nov-04 16:48:36


there is a place called w5 at the oddessey in belfast, at queens island. it would be good fun for the baby if dd could walk about. it's all hands on and is good fun, the little boy i look after loved it and he was just over 1 yo. i can't think of anywhere to stay as i only live 20 mins down the motorway! i will try and think of somewhere. there is also a really good swimming pool in lisburn(lagan valley leisureplex), about 10/15 mins by car outside belfast. apparently stormont has a really good walk up to the castle and there is a good play park at it. i will call my friend later and see if she can help a bit more, her mum lives in belfast so knows the area better. i will also try and get hold of a copy of the ni childrens newspaper as this always gives info on things to do, events etc

hth for now

taramac Tue 02-Nov-04 17:15:48

There is a Hilton Hotel on the Waterfront in Belfast - everything would be in walking distance and there are buses from the airport to the Europa Bus Station in the centre of Belfast.

I don't know how cheap the hotel would be but have stayed with my dp once and whilst its nothing special its central to everything including W5 the Odyessy Centre which also has restaurants and a cinema - don't know if that helps.

Hayls Wed 03-Nov-04 16:12:08

Thanks for all of this, will try dong <another> search for accommodation

Aero Wed 03-Nov-04 16:42:34

Thoroughly recommend W5! Fascinating stuff. There is something for everyone there. It's about £6 for an adult and under 3's free - you could spend a day there - little one would enjoy the first level! I think there are lots of places to eat there too. Belfast zoo is also good if you can get yourself there. The one thing about growing up in N Ireland is that most people learn to drive if they live outside the city! So can't help much with public transport, but I do know you can get to Lisburn (where I was born) on the train from Belfast, and that Leisure Complex nicm mentioned is very good.
Also the Ulster folk and Transport Museum as mentioned is great fun - lots to see there.
I would give the Ulster tourist board (might be NI Tourist Information) a call. They should be able to give you numbers to call re travel with Ulsterbus or on the trains for times/fares etc. They may also be able to help you with accomodation - it's low season so places might be cheaper than normal. You might find a guest house on the outskirts is a good idea - you're usually well looked after in those and there are regular buses into the city, or if you want really cheap, you could call the Youth Hostel Association and see if they do rooms for a family. I'm sure there's a youth hostel in Belfast. AFAIK transfer from the airport to the city centre is a good and regular service. Not sure of the price of car hire - might be worth considering - just for freedom and convenience - they might do weekend deals. Avis and McCauslands do car hire from the airport. Am off to NI myself next weekend to visit parents - if I remember I can pick up some car hire info!
BTW - at W5, they have internet points - free, so you can look up mumsnet and tell us all how you're getting on!! HTH

Pam70 Thu 04-Nov-04 14:59:39


Jurys Hotel is in Belfast City Centre and the website says rooms from GBP60

information on airbus

Your one year old will probably have just started to walk but won't want to walk for too long - I'd say he / she would still be fairly happy to do what you want to do.

The Botanic Gardens is a nice walk and you can walk to it from Jurys Hotel through Botanic Avenue, there are lots of reasonably priced little cafes and restaurants on Botanic Avenue (walk would be about 20 mins or so to get to Botanic Gardens)

Rain City (restaurant by celebrity chef Paul Rankin) is on the Malone Road and popular for Sunday brunch with families or try any of his Cafe Rankin - there are several around the city centre.

Hope this helps


Hayls Thu 04-Nov-04 15:00:53

Excellent, mumsneting on holiday!


nicm Sat 15-Jan-05 20:08:58

hi hayls,

just thought i'd give you the web address for the ni kids newspaper. my minded kids normally arrive home from school with it, but typical, they haven't this month. can't do links but the web address is . hth and you all really enjoy yourselves. oh and just to let you know that there are restaurants in belfast called the other place and do a lovely ulster fry! they are on the stranmillis road, lisburn road and also botanic ave.

Hayls Wed 19-Jan-05 09:04:29

Hi, I've booked into the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, anyone know it?

Any other good advice would be much apprecaited. Dh still doesn't know where we're going so I really want to make sure he enjoys it!

Nicm, thanks very much for that info, I'll definitely have a look.

nicm Wed 19-Jan-05 12:52:25

hi hayls

if it's the ramada at shaws bridge, i have been there for food but haven't stayed in it. food is beautiful, well it was when i was there about 3 years ago!! are you hiring a car?

Hayls Thu 20-Jan-05 19:27:42

Hi nicm, we decided not to hire a car because we're only going for 2 nights and we were told the hotel isn't too far drom the centre of Belfast (that is the one, glad to hear the food's good). Plus we don't have to take the travel cot so we can travel light (well as light as we can wotha 1 year old!) I haven't had a chance to look at the website, am off to do that now.
Thanks again for your help!

nicm Thu 10-Feb-05 13:48:12

hi hayls

well did you make your trip to ni?

how was it? hope you all had a good time


Hayls Thu 10-Feb-05 19:29:08

We did thanks Nicm. We didn't actually do much in the end because the hotel was so fantastic (apart from a fire alarm at 2am on Sun morning We went to the zoo and W5, which dh absolutely loved (bit of a science geek)
THanks for all your advice, it really was a brillinat weekend and we're planning on going back wit the car

nicm Thu 10-Feb-05 20:42:17

glad you had a good time. it should be much better with the car, public transport here is terrible compared to england.(one bus an hour where i live!!) just give me a shout, and i'll try to recommend other places if you like.

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