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Canada in September (anyone with a crystal ball LOL)

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Whitney168 Wed 10-Feb-21 12:27:27

I have flights booked to Canada in September, don't have any accommodation booked yet - we will be touring about so would would be a bit here, a bit there.

I can't bring myself to bother even browsing accommodation, let alone booking it/paying multiple deposits as necessary. It all seems so unlikely, but we are only in February.

Anyone care to guess at my chances? I can cancel the flights easily. I think I probably just need to do that, don't I ... ?

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Suzi888 Wed 10-Feb-21 20:00:30

Who knows! sad I feel your pain though.

rookiemere Wed 10-Feb-21 21:41:34

Yeah unfortunately I think Canada in September is a bit of a pipe dream. I love Canada- whereabouts were you meant to be going ?

Whitney168 Wed 10-Feb-21 21:43:53

Vancouver Island and the Rockies type plan ...

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rookiemere Wed 10-Feb-21 21:53:28

Oh wow my favourite locations. Personally I'd cut your losses if you can cancel or rebook the flights now.
When you do get to go Crystal Cove in Tofino is an amazing place to stay.

Whitney168 Thu 11-Feb-21 08:17:40

Yes, all looks fantastic - just don't think this is the right time, sadly.

Have bitten the bullet and cancelled the flights, try again next year! This year we'll just see how the land lies and take pot luck if we are able to go away.

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RedRum27 Fri 26-Feb-21 23:23:12

This makes me sad but you're probably right it's a pipe dream. We have Prince Edward Island (family live in Sackville) to reschedule from 2020 so fingers will stay crossed.

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