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Mayrhofen skiing

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zannadoo Tue 12-Jan-21 22:24:17

Wonder if there's anyone around who's skied with family in Mayrhofen? Looking to book for half term 2022, kids will be 13 and 11, one quite good, other more cautious, been 5 times.

We've looked at the piste map and see the big ski school seems to meet in the valley. That means if they don't stay for lunch (they don't want to) my husband and I only have 2 hours to ski and return to the valley etc

Can anyone advise on logistics, if you've done it?? Perhaps the answer is simply to put them in for the whole day!

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Clymene Tue 12-Jan-21 22:27:54

I haven't been since I was a child and can't really remember it but I would say that the quickest way to make your children hate skiing is if you leave them in ski school all day long when they really don't want to.

I presume the goal is to enjoy skiing as a family at some point?

GluedToTheCouch Tue 12-Jan-21 22:39:16

We've been twice, first time when DD was 9 and DS was 3, so 8 years ago, and again 4 years ago. They both loved it. We used a ski school that met on the mountain and DS stayed all day with them most days. Just had to go and hunt for the name of it - Skischule SMT, they were fab, we used them both times. Very friendly and accommodating.

PartoftheProbl3m Tue 12-Jan-21 22:40:44

Or just don’t go

GluedToTheCouch Tue 12-Jan-21 22:41:09

Meant to add - DD didn't want to go into ski school at all, so had a couple of private lessons and then skied with us the rest of the time.

Atalune Tue 12-Jan-21 22:51:16

Cannot comment on the area but my kids like ski school for the morning and then we met for lunch on the mountain and then they had a private instructor for 3 of the afternoons. That gave DH and I 3 wonderful fill days of skiing as well as seeing the children.

Kids loved the private instructor and they came on in leaps and bounds. It was expensive but so so worth it.

Atalune Tue 12-Jan-21 22:52:10

We love Les Arcs as a ski area for the family.

LittleGungHo Tue 12-Jan-21 23:06:30

So from memory it is not a resort that you can ski to the door so you have to get the cable car up and I think there is only one way up/down to to the main ski area. So there can end up being big queues at the start and end of the day. Consider the bus/walk that you will need to get your family to the slope.

The skiing itself should suit your children's ability and like you have worked out it is a valley but feels like a bowl so getting back to the ski school should not be an issue as often you end up back in the bowl (we did not use a ski school).

Maybe give family skiing a go. After 5 trips they must be quite good and may get more from skiing with you. Maybe just a private lesson to brush up technique a couple of afternoons.

It is a very pretty resort with cafes, shops and bars if you don't fancy skiing all day.

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