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Thinking of taking a five week holiday with kids

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Glassbrightly Sun 03-Jan-21 21:03:18

I have a lot of accrued holiday and whilst I think I can pursued work to let me carry it over to 2022, I still need to use it.

Am thinking of taking an extended summer holiday that year. Kids will be 8,6 and 3. Holiday would be to a place we have been before and likely my parents will join for three weeks. Plan would be to go for five weeks. This would allow us to do two weeks on a beach a week of travelling and two weeks more active stuff.

Any views on longer holidays ? Obviously, there's some economy to it as we'd only pay for one flight. We've had a couple of three week holidays over the last few years which have been good - but it always takes me a week to relax and a week to get my head into heading back to real life.

The pre kid traveller in me says either space it out and have more holidays that year or go travelling somewhere new (but the post kid me can't really get excited about travelling with a three year old and two other kids).

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Stepintochristmas Sun 03-Jan-21 21:08:35

Depends where you’re thinking of going. 2 weeks on a beach sounds like too much to me. I would want to travel around a bit if I was going away for that long. Maybe some time by the sea, in a big city, in the mountains etc.

When are you thinking of going? I wouldn’t be surprised if the usual 6 week summer holiday is cut short this year

Glassbrightly Sun 03-Jan-21 21:15:52

We're thinking of going summer 2022 and kids normally have an 8 week break then @Stepintochristmas.

I'm a bit nervous about two weeks on a beach, but we'll have a pool and Villas in the area only rent on a weekly basis and when we went for a week in 2019 it wasn't enough. There are lots of day trips nearby, which should break it up.

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Grasses Sun 03-Jan-21 21:49:50

Would you have a partner going as well?

I am thinking of the same thing, DH is not into holidays so would take the kids on my own, similar ages. Not so much beach time though and more travelling around. Either in Europe sleeping on friends floors, or in kid friendly parts of Asia.

jamesfailedmarshmallows Mon 11-Jan-21 09:19:13

I think it will be fine. You can take it very easy, hire a car, do a lazy day at different beaches and a sightseeing day here and there. My dc have travelled a fair bit, to some major landmarks worldwide but their favourite holiday memories are of supermarkets hmm

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