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Emigrating to Australia advice

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mrssunshinexxx Mon 21-Dec-20 14:42:04

I know this is not possible until atleast mid 2022 but as it's a huge change we would like to get as much info as possible from people who have done it, particularly young families from the UK.
Can I ask does anyone know the cost to have all furniture etc shipped ?
We would be looking at Sydney specifically Coogee, Bronte, Manley, or Gold Coast
Any info welcome

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LeGrandBleu Mon 21-Dec-20 19:00:51

I live in the Northern Beaches, near Manly.
Rent is crazy high, and so will Coogee and Bronte be, difference houses are bigger around Manly. Gold Coast will be way cheaper. easily half price
Compare with

Thing about the distance with loved ones and it used to be that we were just a flight away, but what you might not know is that since March, we can't leave the country. Borders are not only closed for whoever wants to come in but also if you want to go out. Newspapers regularly have heart breaking stories of people who weren't able to say goodbyes to parent dying of cancer, go to daughter's wedding and so on.
Australians are stuck oversea and unable to come home unless they can pay first class or business as airlines have low numbers allowed.

Australia when you are just 24 hours away is one thing, when you are prisoner on an island is quite different.

mrssunshinexxx Mon 21-Dec-20 19:07:40

Hi @LeGrandBleu thank you for your response I should of said I lived there for a year 7 years ago so familiar with Sydney prices. Also know you can't leave easily at the moment. I lost my mum in April and she was everything to me I never would of lived out this dream if I hadn't lost her so I'm making it happen x

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LeGrandBleu Mon 21-Dec-20 19:18:20

Sorry for your loss flowers

Another thing I miss living here - we came for my DH's work, we have lived in so many places ... - is the inability to expose my DC to the culture of the European cities. Yes we used to go back twice a year, but we felt obliged to visit and spend time with families, because we miss each other, and we would try to squeeze a capital here and a city there, but we wouldn't be able to tour Greece or spend time on the Côte d'Azur (we are French) .

Culture is very limited. Theatre and opera are extremely expensive, Museums have very limited exhibitions. We do whatever we can but can't compare it to Amsterdam or Madrid, not even mentioning Paris.

School wise, life is way easier than in the French system with far less work, so for the children life is sweet and easy.
Coffee is good as you will know, way better coffee than France!!

Australia gives a lot but takes away a lot as well.

lyinginthegutterstaringatstars Mon 21-Dec-20 19:24:00

Are you sure you can qualify points wise ( or whatever they will be using when if they open up to foreigners again.

LeGrandBleu Mon 21-Dec-20 19:34:47

Yes of course, there are the visa requirements .

@mrssunshinexxx there is a board where you might receive more answers

mrssunshinexxx Mon 21-Dec-20 19:42:29

@LeGrandBleu thank you we aren't personally into museums etc we want the beach , outdoor life for our children and us but I appreciate your comments and the link
@lyinginthegutterstaringatstars DH's job is on the skilled list and is very in demand and lacking actual qualified people in the uk so we are hoping it won't be taken off

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Elouera Mon 21-Dec-20 19:51:15

I cant help with prices for shipping, but check very carefully in terms of what exactly you can take. Also use a company used to shipping to Australia. Having lived there, you are likely aware of the strict quarantine rules, but these apply to shipped goods also.

The shipping company should advise, but they might want to fumigate anything wooden- furniture, bed frames, photo frames, wooden beads etc etc. If needed, this fumigation would be an additional expense. Also, anything that might have mud/soil/sand might need cleaning- dirty wellies, trainers, sports equipment etc.

I'm sure there is more info online, but its something else to consider. Obvioulsy, I'm sure you would also compare just buying furniture there from ikea, discount shops, chairty shops or just new.

LeGrandBleu Mon 21-Dec-20 19:54:36

If you report yourself to the MNHQ they can move your discussion to Living oversea.
Gold Coast seems like a good fit. Winter are far more pleasant than Sydney which can be so cold and very wet

Arnoldthecat Mon 21-Dec-20 20:05:13

Its a mystery to me why, in a country that isnt short of land, that house prices and rentals are so high. One can only assume they are being artificially controlled, a bit like in the UK really.

ChakaDakotaRegina Mon 21-Dec-20 20:21:38

I think we had a relocation budget of 10k£ Most of which went on shipping a small 2bed apartment! Shipping also takes 3 months and there aren’t a lot of furnished rentals (apart from expensive holiday homes and air bnbs).

I’d look again at prices as things have really rocketed. This may change if people can continue to work more remotely and places like Byron have gone mad price wise. Childcare and food has also gone up.

Agree that the flight home situation is a nightmare currently. It’s also expensive at Christmas normally.

The winters can be cold in the evenings as houses aren’t set up for it and it gets dark quite early even in summer.

But yeah - beautiful country! I’m sorry about your mum and I hope you find a way to get this adventure to work

mrssunshinexxx Mon 21-Dec-20 21:36:15

Thank you @ChakaDakotaRegina

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pottypotamus Sat 09-Jan-21 15:20:43

We are doing that move right now! Only to Brisbane and not Sydney.
We are using White&Co to ship most of our 3-bed house to Brisbane. We are paying approx £4500 plus insurance and any quarantine charges on top.

Our main concern at the moment is whether our flights which are booked for next month will still go ahead. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Let me know if you'd like any more info x

GlobeUs Mon 11-Jan-21 08:34:33

Its a mystery to me why, in a country that isnt short of land, that house prices and rentals are so high.

In Western Australia they've been pushed up by emigrating Brits sadly, to the point that many young Australians can no longer afford to live within commuting distances to the city in safe suburbs. One of the reasons we left Perth in 2005.

mrssunshinexxx Thu 14-Jan-21 14:39:53

@pottypotamus from the uk or from Sydney sorry I wasn't sure ? We are going to start applying for visas in about 5/6 months

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pottypotamus Thu 14-Jan-21 15:08:36

We are doing the move from UK to Brisbane.

mrssunshinexxx Thu 14-Jan-21 15:24:11

So exciting @pottypotamus how long ago did you start the process ? Is the £4500, for all your things? What visa are you going on? Feel free to PM me (I don't know how to )

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