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TUI holidays for heroes

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Hunnihun2 Tue 08-Dec-20 21:16:40

TUI holiday heroes have some fabulous deals for the NHS staff members with £100 off plus if you are travelling as a lone parent with a child you get a further £200 off of your holiday.

I thought I would share as I have booked 2 holidays for 2022 and saved myself £600 in total.

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IEat Tue 08-Dec-20 22:08:45

Hope they help other essential workers. Do many carried on making sure schools could stay open, food hot made and delivered. Shelves stacked. Cleaners cleaned, transport running.

Hunnihun2 Wed 09-Dec-20 11:24:06

@IEat with all due respect I agree plenty of others worked hard too. So I wouldn’t say other people who don’t work for NHS are not deserving too obviously there has to be a cut off point otherwise this would include all occupations

Also during Covid was a really testing time plenty of medical staff had to have therapy correct me if I’m wrong I didn’t hear of many other job roles.... having nervous break downs due to the working conditions.

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Fairybatman Wed 09-Dec-20 11:26:18

Double check the normal website as well. Their Armed Forces deals are quite often more expensive of the exact same price once the had added in all the bits.

Hunnihun2 Wed 09-Dec-20 11:30:08

Thanks I compared everything in fact TUI denied knowledge of knowing about this promo they claim it’s nothing to do with them as it’s a separate website. I booked 2 holidays for 2022.

You have to book first and then email TUI your ref no in order to get the lone discount worth £200.

I booked a week in Portugal for £351 all inclusive I’m really pleased.

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