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Eloping to Las Vegas

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littleeggcup Sat 14-Nov-20 14:01:19

Who has done this!? How was it? Tell me all!

We would love to do it; cheesy yes but I think it would be amazing. We've never wanted a huge fancy wedding!

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00100001 Sat 14-Nov-20 14:04:58

If you don't want a huge fancy wedding...why Las Vegas?? confused

A small civil ceremony at the registry office with two witnesses is much less fancy and huge. grin

backinthebox Sat 14-Nov-20 14:10:50

Las Vegas is the very definitely of huge over the top everything! Not saying don’t do it, but if you want to avoid massive and OTT then Las Vegas is not for you. 🤣🤣

littleeggcup Sat 14-Nov-20 14:15:19

Sorry I should have specified!

We'd probably go just out of Las Vegas; Red Rock or Valley of Fire !

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littleeggcup Sat 14-Nov-20 14:16:07

But to have the fun side of Las Vegas for after! Xx

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Hazelnutlatteplease Sat 14-Nov-20 14:19:39

I do know someone who did it and had a blast. But...

when i went we started to play a game called spot the bride.... one day we counted 10, in one day. It very much felt like a conveyor belt. A surprising number were crying, there were clearly a fair few where the reality didnt match the expectations. The upset bride who found her exclusive wedding dinner was a screened off part of the all you can eat buffet was particularly sad.

If you do it pick your package carefully and manage your expectations. You get what you pay for in las vegas

littleeggcup Sat 14-Nov-20 14:37:56

Thank you! Maybe we will go to Gretna green instead haha

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sakura06 Sat 14-Nov-20 14:47:46

I don't think you can travel to the US at the moment. The Valley of Fire is stunning though. I loved it there (much more than Vegas itself!).

Georgyporky Sat 14-Nov-20 18:58:10

My late DH & I decided to get married when we were already in L.V.

One telephone call, & it was all arranged - brilliant!

PepsiLola Sat 14-Nov-20 19:03:36

I eloped to Vegas, married in the little white chapel. It was amazing and so easy!

They picked us up from our hotel in the limo, the experience was so much fun, and then we went back to the main strip and had a ball!

Do it do it do it!!!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-Nov-20 09:19:49

Unfortunately it is not possible for British and European citizens to visit the US. The travel ban that Mr Trump imposed in March is still in effect.

whitetilesmurf Mon 16-Nov-20 09:02:45

The only reason we got married in the UK was because DHs family all flew in from abroad - New Zealand and Australia. They came for a holiday so we got married.

If that wasn’t in the cards, it would have been Vegas. Married and holiday in one.

Micah Mon 16-Nov-20 09:10:32

We got married in Vegas. Didn’t find it over the top or conveyor belt like at all.

Was actually exactly what we wanted. We booked the wedding for 6pm the day after we arrived, and went in the morning for marriage licence.

We stayed in one of the less “themed” hotels and used the hotel chapel and service. They organised it all, photographer, bouquet, and the celebrant was great.

Pros were nice warm weather and lovely surroundings. We tacked in a bit of a holiday too. People warned us off Vegas so we only booked 3 days, but I really liked it and would have rather spent a week there before moving on.

BabyMoonPie Mon 16-Nov-20 09:16:58

We had part of our honeymoon in Vegas and I love the place. I haven't seen many brides and I've been 3 times! If I got married again I'd do it in the Dennys Diner in Vegas - you get a cake made of pancakes as part of the package!

Flowerfrenzy Mon 16-Nov-20 09:24:53

I got married in Vegas.

We didn’t want a big wedding so decided to make it as small as possible. We considered getting married close to home but know that the number of guests would snowball out of control or we would end up offending some people. We considered eloping in the UK but DH felt it was wrong to do it close to home so we went to Vegas.

I have no regrets, it was so easy and we had a fab holiday too! Didn’t feel like a conveyer belt and suited DH and I who are very much introverts.

movingonup20 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:33:15

I fancy Gretna myself, a bit less cheesy and the traditional elopement venue if you are English.

CheshireDing Thu 26-Nov-20 04:48:01

I have been to both and saw more brides in Gretna than Vegas.

I thought Gretna was disappointing, not nice at all. At least in Vegas people looked happy, even the wedding drive through couple I saw 😂

JE17 Thu 26-Nov-20 05:52:05

I got married in Vegas and I loved it. I felt like a film star just walking through the hotel to the wedding venue, everyone was so kind and friendly. It was a much more special experience than I'd imagined. I didn't want the stress of a traditional wedding with my complicated family. We'd looked at other destinations but I'm not at all disappointed we went with Vegas.

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