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Travel from France to UK January 2021

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GintyMarlow2 Tue 10-Nov-20 17:11:09

A French friend is planning a visit to the UK in late January 2021. Flight already booked. Will he have to self isolate?

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LaVitaPuoEsserePiuBella Tue 10-Nov-20 17:24:44

Who knows?!
The travel advice is changing frequently 😬

nosswith Sat 14-Nov-20 10:47:33

Quite possibly, even if travel from the UK to France is OK. I expect that it will be one of the last countries to have quarantine removed, even if the evidence points in a different direction.

whopooedinthepyrex Sat 14-Nov-20 12:02:24

Where is she flying from?

Flights to the UK are getting cancelled all the time. The low-cost airlines seem to have suspended their usual winter timetables.

SilkieRabbits Sun 15-Nov-20 08:46:17

Currently yes for 14 days, also UK restrictions may well be in place on no overnight stays then. Need to wait to closer to the time but would make more sense to postpone or cancel. DH is French and effectively can't go there atm unless an emergency to see his family.

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