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Annual Travel insurance recommendations

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rookiemere Mon 19-Oct-20 17:22:35

So our annual travel insurance is up for renewal.
Not been particularly impressed with Muktitrip as thought we had a valid claim for villa deposit as flights were cancelled but they seemed only to be able to cope with claims if you'd booked a holiday package and in the end asked for so much information and were uncontactable to ask any questions.

Also - and this is my bad - I hadn't realised the excess for any claims were per person- so I lost the cost of a couple of flights I couldn't go on, but probably wouldn't have covered me anyway.

I'm not as bothered about the coronavirus cover aspect, but looking for good value for money annual family policies where contact with the insurer has been available when needed.

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rookiemere Wed 21-Oct-20 11:50:20

Hopeful bump

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Georgyporky Wed 21-Oct-20 18:51:31

Have a look at this :-

rookiemere Wed 21-Oct-20 19:25:55

Thanks @Georgyporky, I'd read that but it focuses pretty much on cost and covid cover only.

I'm particularly interested in the service aspect if anyone has recommendations of companies that have offered good customer service .

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rookiemere Sat 24-Oct-20 17:12:55

Bumping again for weekend crowd. Head hurts after looking at too many policies

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