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So if you were going to hire a f***-off villa in Italy, with staff, for about 12-14 people, which companies would you start looking with?

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MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:04:01

We are talking high-end please. I feel there must be excellent agencies I just haven't found yet... any ideas?
Ta muchly

jura Fri 12-Oct-07 11:12:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:13:52

ohhh thank you

there must BE serious agencies out there but I can't find them. have looked at parkers (not completely inspired) and private properties abroad (too french) and have now drawn a blank

clandestine Fri 12-Oct-07 11:14:34

loads here that would suit

jura Fri 12-Oct-07 11:22:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clandestine Fri 12-Oct-07 11:25:09

I'm just looking myself at the Villa book site I linked to - seriously drool-worthy villas there! And loads of big ones - from around half way down the Italy page onwards!

pooka Fri 12-Oct-07 11:28:18

Crikey. They are gorgeous. envy

jura Fri 12-Oct-07 11:30:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:43:38

oooh clandestine the villa book is great, thank you
off to look at jura's too

I love MN!

clandestine Fri 12-Oct-07 11:47:12

[[ look at this one - damn it Minty - at this rate I will be splurging myself on a large get together grin ]]

mumblechum Fri 12-Oct-07 11:48:00

We always use Cottages to Castles.

Never had any probs.

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:48:00

I'm a bit stuck on castello granduca at the moment! will look at yours

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:50:11

puglia too hot in august
lovely though
god I need to make myself a sandwich and have a sift through that site

and torre whatsit jura looks superb too

thank you both, this is exactly what I was looking for

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 11:51:27

homeinitaly is fantastic too

right, off to get my lunch and give this some attention


Caroline1852 Fri 12-Oct-07 11:54:25

Scott Dunn

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 13:47:30

this is the current frontrunner, what do you think

Anna8888 Fri 12-Oct-07 13:54:22

Isn't it a bit modern and charmless? The comfort is a bit... Sheraton-like?

Dinosaur Fri 12-Oct-07 13:56:02

I think it looks beautiful, Minty smile.

CountessDracula Fri 12-Oct-07 13:58:32

I think you could do better

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 14:00:30

well not exactly modern, it is 16thc hmm

I'm not so fussed about the inside as long as the beds are good. just want something in a good location, with a chef and a nice swimming pool

oh and the yanks I'm going with need broadband and airconditioning and it is amazing how many villas THAT knocks out of contention grin

don't worry I'm still looking though

clandestine Fri 12-Oct-07 14:01:50

PPH have you had a good look at Jura's 'Your Tuscany' site. Some lovely places on there! I love the one just outside Florence, but sadly no pool

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 14:02:01

I love the outside of this on here but not sure about the inside

children might destroy it

and looks a bit multicoloured and dark

CountessDracula Fri 12-Oct-07 14:02:07

this looks good

CountessDracula Fri 12-Oct-07 14:02:45

has air con
and catering

MintyDixCharrington Fri 12-Oct-07 14:03:15

yes I've emailed them
they need to send me a list of what villas are available when we want to go etc
they haven't replied yet
looks FANTASTIC though, that site

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