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Zip card 16+

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Allyson72 Thu 01-Oct-20 18:12:04

Please help I need the said above 16+ Zip card but my son's passport has expired (not being renewed as yet).

Has anyone had thes problems if so how can I apply (not online)??

Thank you

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SquirmOfEels Fri 02-Oct-20 09:32:43

It might be worth ringing the TfL helpline (I've always found them very helpful) as it is possible that an expired passport will be OK.

If you have to use alternative ID, then you still have to apply online, but you show supporting documents at the Post Office for validation. IIRC, birth certificate will do for age, but I can't remember if you need to show proof of address. If your DC had a previous Zip (11-15) then they can marry up the info and I don't think you need proof of address. If you have none of the standard ID, you can use a letter from the school.

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