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Self isolation

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Kadamama Thu 01-Oct-20 17:42:59

How is work when someone coming from a country (not on the corridor list) to UK for only 4 days how is the self isolation working

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notimagain Thu 01-Oct-20 18:10:46

On arrival in the UK they go directly to their place of self isolation, they stay in isolation for the four days and then go directly to the port of departure to leave the UK.

The full details are here:

In which it says:

"If you’re travelling to the UK for less than 14 days, you will be expected to self-isolate for the length of your stay, but you can travel directly to your place of departure."

Hope that helps

Kadamama Fri 02-Oct-20 07:18:16

Thank you that really helpful

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Kadamama Fri 02-Oct-20 07:19:29

I just don't want break the rules but that is really family emergency situation

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