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Best places to take a 3 month baby?

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BabyCJuly Tue 22-Sep-20 12:58:14

Hello there

We’ve joined national trust to go on walks with our 3 month old. Are there any attractions anyone would recommend as the months go on? Butterfly farm? Sea life centre?
Thanks so much smile

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SJaneS48 Fri 25-Sep-20 07:40:49

I think that depends on where you live - perhaps posting in the local forums you’ll get some good local options?

At three months, there is only so much they’d take it! National Trust walks are a good option - also at 3 months you can take them round the houses without them either getting bored senseless or running around trying to touch things!

The Sea Life Centres are a bit controversial in the UK for a number of reasons (DH works in Animal Welfare) so personally no, I wouldn’t recommend. This BBC article sheds light on the number of deaths at them -

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