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Can ALL cars dip their headlights???

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Monkeytrousers Fri 05-Oct-07 10:58:38

Just had a terrifying journey back from Stranraugh in Scotland being bullied and intimidated by lorries blasting us with their lighting rigs as (we think) they thought us rude that we weren't dipping our headlights, when in actual fact our car doesn't seem to have that facility.This was on unlit country roads and we were nearly forced off the road a few times with me and my 3 year old in teh car.

We've looked in the book and it only mentions levelling and we can't fidn anything on the dashboard. Its a fiesta finesse.

If anyone knows any truck drivers would you please ask them to stop it.

Also, do you think it is illegal - it is f'ing dangerous!

NannyL Fri 05-Oct-07 11:17:18

i cant believe a fiesta cant dip its head lights tbh

i dont have a ford so cant suggest how to do it though...

elescarybells Fri 05-Oct-07 11:28:30

do you mean that you drive around all the time on full beam? if so, does a blue light appear on your dash when you switch on your lights? if yes then the two sticks (indicator and windscreen wipers usually) either side of your steering wheel you need to flick them back towards you iyswim? does this make sense?

Millarkie Fri 05-Oct-07 11:29:36

The normal way to dip full-beam headlights is to pull the control 'stick' towards you, or push it away from you - I take it that you have tried that?

Also, have you checked your lights are working properly by having someone outside the car look or by parking in front of a reflective surface (I check mine in the garage window). I had a problem for a few months after buying a car with people beeping and flashing me - I thought it was my poor driving (had just passed my test) and nasty London drivers..but it turned out that I had a short circuit between my brake lights and my indicators so everytime I braked all my indicator lights flashed and my brake lights flashed...took me months to find out though blush

DrNortherner Fri 05-Oct-07 11:30:46

I have a fiesta and am a bit confused.

You cna't dip your normal headlights but on dark country roads you would put full beam on and flick it off when an oncoming car was approaching, other wise you would have been dazzling on coming drivers which is dangerous.

foxinsocks Fri 05-Oct-07 11:32:08

you can't drive around with a full beam on all the time (if you mean the blue light coming on full beam)

it leaves an impression of your lights in other driver's eyes for ages or it dazzles them - tis dangerous!

crokky Fri 05-Oct-07 11:32:32

if you have a blue light on your dash, your lights are on full beam and this is too bright for other drivers to see properly. the light should probably be green when you put the lights on.

don't know how old the car is, but on some newish cars you can adjust the brightness of the headlights and you can also adjust the angle they are shining at.

otherwise take to ford dealer as car may have fault. my old car lost its ability to dip lights and it was a nightmare!

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 05-Oct-07 11:42:29

ALL cars have dipped headlights (how you drive in the dark in built up areas with streetlights) and full beam (for dark country roads) It is the law.

This may sound obvious, but have the bulbs blown? My car has separate bulds for main beam and dipped.

dipped you should see a green double headlight symbol on the dash, main beam a blue one with lines coming out from it. as someone said, push the stick away to go from full beam to dipped.

No wonder you were being flashed if you have been blinding everyone you pass. Tis seen as the height of driving rudeness.

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 05-Oct-07 11:43:23

oops, bulbs!

foxinsocks Fri 05-Oct-07 11:44:59

poor Monkey and her bright lights

come back and tell us what is on your dashboard when your lights are on

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 05-Oct-07 11:45:00

I'm also pretty sure you could be done for dangerous driving/driving without due care and attention if your too bright headlights caused someone to have an accident as they were blinded by your glare.

Skribble Fri 05-Oct-07 15:05:35

Cheak also that your dipped lights (normal ones) are not set too high as that can be quite blinding also and looks like full beam a bit to oncoming drivers.

You must sort this out before you drive in the dark again or you will blind someone else and run them off the road.

Anyone flashing at you is warning you that you still have full beam on its not bullying. But Ok its not very helpful if they blind you back but I suppose they would expect you to know how to drive your own car.

Go into kwickfit or something and ask!!!

Monkeytrousers Fri 05-Oct-07 20:48:02

Thanks for this. The headlight control stick can be pulled towards you but it don't 'engage' - there is also another space for a light beside the blue full beam light that won't illuminate. Will take it back to the dealership tomorrow.

Wha a nightmare!

daisyandbabybootoo Sat 06-Oct-07 00:39:58

I'm glad you've found out the problem monkey trousers smile

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