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trip to see santa - your top tips please

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mummydoc Thu 04-Oct-07 13:27:26

Have decided to (rashly) splash out and take dds to see santa in lapland this year, dd1 aged nearly 8 and dd2 aged 3 1/4 - really not sure a day trip is a good idea - visions of tired winey children , thinking about 2 night/3 day - can I have your experiences good and bad please, esprit are offering a free child place so quite keen to go with them. Is it worth the money ? to get he free place you have to book full board and wondered what the food was like ? help please , am excited but apprehensive about spending such a lot of money on a short break . Thanksx

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Oct-07 13:30:33

Not been, for all the reasons you have listed
Going to try 'Lapland in the UK' this year and see how that goes.

sweetheart Thu 04-Oct-07 13:31:02

My sister works for esprit and took my dd last year. She said it was good but even working for the company said it could have been organised better. They spent alot of time stading waiting for things and my dd got very very cold and cried saying she wanted to come home (which is totally unheard of for my dd!)

DD absolutly loved it though and being at the age where she's starting to doubt the whole "sants" myth it gave us a couple more years of her beleaving I think!

Just make sure you wear tons of layers - more than you think you'd need. It's better to take stuff off then be freezinf all day.

sweetheart Thu 04-Oct-07 13:31:48

Oh and take snack - my dd wouldn't eat the lunch (I think my sister said it was raindeet meet?!?!?!?!?)

She didn't have anything else with her for dd to eat so she was starving!

mummydoc Thu 04-Oct-07 20:43:43

thanks - anyone else whos been pleeasseeee

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