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MADEIRA - anyone been...will it be hot at new year? - hotel/apt recommendations

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knakered Thu 04-Oct-07 12:15:55

Thinking of doing 5 days in Madeira over new year...know nothing about the it child friendly?...any beaches..where is the best place to go?..will it be HOT

TheSFXshape Thu 04-Oct-07 12:21:50

I grew up there but haven't been in nearly 20yrs
child friendly ok
not many things open late / weekends
weather should be 17C to 20C
but expect rain at some point during the day

TheSFXshape Thu 04-Oct-07 12:29:52

beaches not sandy ones for the most part but I hear they have made at least one now
also bear in mid it is the atlantic so not warm water like the med

mumblechum Thu 04-Oct-07 12:34:02

We went there for Xmas pre kids and it was warm, but def. not sunbathing weather.

Stayed at Reeds Hotel which was quite nice, perched on top of a cliff.

Lots of nice walks along levadas in the hills, good tropical gardens to visit.

Don't expect it to be a beach holiday for New Yr.

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