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Flying to Dublin for a wedding, what is the name of the site where I can check for cheap flights, please?

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temmy99 Wed 03-Oct-07 05:43:30

I remember it being mentioned on this site a couple of times but never thought to save it, can anyone remind me please, also does anyone know of a good B & B or hotel where I can stay, the bride is a cousin but don't want to stay with her, (don't mean it in a bad way, but she is a distant relative). Thanks, never been to that part of the country before so any tips appreciated.

ShaunOfTheThread Wed 03-Oct-07 06:55:30

Do you mean flying from the UK to Dublin?

Ryanair do cheap flights from several UK airports. smile

ShaunOfTheThread Wed 03-Oct-07 06:56:45

We had a good short break there, and stayed in a nice hotel. Don't remember the name of it but there seem to be plenty of reasonably priced hotels around.

lapsedrunner Wed 03-Oct-07 07:14:42

Eve Wed 03-Oct-07 07:22:54

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