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Help me remember this place with my vague description

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IrishNinja Mon 10-Aug-20 19:58:29

Help me, I'm being driven mad. I have a crystal clear memory of been in a UK seaside town. There was what looked like an old high wall but there was lots of entrances. Some went into pubs, one went into an open garden of a restaurant. Another into an old fashioned department store. Then an alley lead to the harbour. I'm sure its north England, around Morecambe way but it's possible it could be SW England. I know it's vague but I'm just hoping one Mumsnetter knows what the hell I'm talking about!

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GreekOddess Mon 10-Aug-20 19:59:44


Muuuuuuuum Mon 10-Aug-20 20:03:12

Great Yarmouth has an old walled bit but not sure it really matches your description.

Whathappenedtothelego Mon 10-Aug-20 20:05:50

Might it have been Robin Hood's Bay?

IrishNinja Mon 10-Aug-20 20:06:11

It's Tenby! Thank you GreekOddess! No wonder I couldn't figure it out thinking of North and South England. I forgot I went there loads in the 2000s. Thank you, was starting to think I was remembering a past life grin

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Mon 10-Aug-20 20:09:30

Bugger you've found it. F Irom your description it sounded like Pentonville Prison!

IrishNinja Mon 10-Aug-20 20:23:23

No I definitely remember my time there WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat 😂

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